Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama owes to Chavez?

It is a good thing that ridicule does not kill.

Chavez congratulated Obama on his victory and the communique carried these words. I am putting them in Spanish and in their translation, both from ABN, the press agency of the government.
La elección histórica de un afrodescendiente a la cabeza de la nación más poderosa del mundo es el síntoma de que el cambio de época que se ha gestado desde el Sur de la América podría estar tocando las puertas de Estados unidos. [sic]

the historical election of an Afro-descendant to rule the most powerful nation of the world is a symptom that the epoch change that has been gestated from the South of America could be knocking the doors of United States.

Now, I know Chavez is in campaign, and a difficult one, I know he is starting to realize that trouble lies ahead, that he will run out of food and the US is the most likely supplier, that his bloated ego wants him taken a picture at the White House, etc, etc... These reasons all can explain why he has his minions write a thing such as the Obama phenomenon being due to what has been happening in South America. All is fair and square in propaganda wars, albeit when it reaches the absolute ridicule.

No, what really bothers me is that actually Chavez might believe that crap.

-The end-

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