Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US 2008 elections: the awards

Most promising country: the US for having demonstrated once again that it is able to constantly reinvent itself and rise above the circumstances. History was made and in grand style.

Best concession speech: McCain, for redefining what true sportsmanship is.

Worst result: proposition 8 goes down in California.

Best result: Jesse Helms old seat goes to a Democrat woman.

Most homogeneous result: New England as only one of its counties, in Maine, went McCain

Most homogeneous result, runner up: Oklahoma, the only state going full county to McCain

Least homogeneous states: the West Coast, the closer your county to the Pacific the likelier it voted Obama.

Most spectacular cross voting: Democrat Richard Pryor retains his Arkansas seat with 79.3% while McCain carries it with 58.8%

Least surprising exit poll: 95% of Blacks voted Obama. OK, this is acceptable and the tears of Jesse Jackson and the voice break of a CNN anchor were highlights of the evening.

Most surprising exit poll: 77% Jews voted Obama.

Most divided voting block: Florida Hispanics as the Cubans (and Westonzuelans?) where the only ones that stayed with McCain

Honorable prediction result: I gave McCain a "solid" 160. He gets 161. I predicted all the states he would get for sure and of the ones I gave him in remote possibility he only picked up Montana. The 160/161 difference comes from Nebraska which is the only state that does not award all of its electoral votes to the winner. OK, Missouri might also go to McCain, so bite me. But show me your predictions first.

-The end-

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