Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ripley's believe it or not! VN&V feels for Chavez

Tonight for the first time ever I actually felt sorry for Chavez. True, if this is amazing enough you will be even more amazed when you will know why: Chavez looked like a pathetic man when he almost sort of apologized from forcing on us cadenas. That is right, in one of the multiple cadenas he did today I heard when he was trying to explain lamely why he was doing a cadena, because the people had the right to know all the truth about what was going in Venezuela and well, it was his duty to call for cadenas to make sure people were informed.

The first rule when you are going to commit an abuse is to pretend at all times that it is not an abuse!!!! Or as one saying goes, if the lie is big enough it has a better chance to hold.

The astounding thing here is that Chavez admits, ADMITS, that his communication policies have been a failure, at least considering whatever goals he had. For those late in the game a cadena is that privilege of Venezuelan executive to force SIMULTANEOUS broadcast on ALL TV and RADIO stations in the country, of its message, for as long as the government pleases to do so. Needles to remind folks that Chavez has been abusing this privilege in mind boggling ways, the more so when elections are near. Just today we are, if I understand well, already through our third cadena. There might be an explanation for that: narcissistic Chavez cannot stand that today the world, including chavistas, are glued on TV to see the first African American be elected the next US president. Chavez just cannot share the limelight.....

So there we are, a president who controls the two networks with the largest reach in the country (VTV and Tves), who has neutered two other nation wide networks (Venevision and Televen) who has created supplemental networks which are nothing but 24/24 pro Chavez propaganda (ViVe and ANTV), who has created hundreds of local media that faithfully follow his dictum against only a few dozens independent regional media, who has banished to cable the only two networks that are critical of him (RCTV and Globovision), who has the only radio allowed to broadcast nation wide (RNV), who has several radio groups under its thumb, who has been busy dismantling any private radio group, who does a cadena whenever the f%$% he wants it, is admitting that his message is not coming through!!!!!!! I mean, in at least half of the country if you have no cable you CANNOT GET ANY CRITICAL MEDIA!!!!! So tonight he must do a cadena because he must silence Globovision (RCTV is only cable so they escape cadena rules). He did not say it directly but that what it was, he is silencing Globovison, not even Venevision or Televen who at this time play soaps and games.

I remember in past comment section wars that a few silly to idiot defenders of Chavez tried to make all sorts of excuses for him closing up RCTV. There was even a brat that was throwing lines such as all the answers were in Chomsky. Whatever. The reply was always simple: you cannot fight the power of the remote control. If people do not watch Chavez incessant propaganda media, it is because they do not want to watch it. Force feeding them will only lead to them turning off their TV, with the same remote by the way. Apparently if these supporters are not understanding this basic rule of human freedom, choice, Chavez understands it very well and admits he wants to take it away form us. Blunt admission almost.

Clockwork Orange anyone?

-The end-

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