Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My tongue in cheek predictions, which I tried to make as positive for McCain as possible although I was convinced that Obama was near landslide status are been confirmed so far. CNN called New Hampshire for Obama, and thus that was my first "mistake" as I pretended it leaned to McCain. But I had another "mistake" coming: Pennsylvania which I was putting only as leading Obama and which now is called by CNN. Thus, since I gave Obama at least 250 sure, adding now Pennsylvania (21) gives him the victory. New Hampshire is just the beginning of the tide wave as Florida seems to be teetering Obama's way. North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana are going Obama so far. It is over, you may go to bed unless you want to celebrate Obama's victory.

Now, a personal note. I am delighted by the North Carolina results: the seat of despicable Jesse Helms, picked over by Elizabeth Dole is going to a Democrat, Kay Hagan!!! Hallelujah!!!! I had to live in North Carolina under Jesse Helms representing us, and boy, was that embarrassing! Too late for me now but this local result for me means more tan any other result in the US tonight. All these days trying to help defeat Jesse Helms are finally vindicated.

-The end-

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