Monday, December 08, 2008

Now Chavez wants to change the calendar!

Today Chavez gathered his new elected appointees for a good brain washing, oops!, brain storming session about what the new mayors should do for the pseudo-revolution. Nothing new, it already happened in 2004 to the results we know. Many highlights interesting to note.

First, he decided that the referendum date should be on February 27, in commemoration of the Caracazo. There is just one tiny little problem, it is during the Carnival holidays and even some of his sycophants dared to point that out. Chavez did not like it and started questioning who fixed the Carnival holidays! All offended by the thought that someone could fix the calendar and that this one was not him!!! Wait until he finds out that Carnival is decided according to Easter and that his good pals at the Church are the ones who decide that. A new schism in Christianity in the making? For the man who single handedly changed the legal time for Venezuela nothing is impossible!!!! Even to change the date of the first full moon of spring!!! Thus spoke Zarathustra!

Other details were cute too. A few chairs were empty and like your average schoolmarm he asked where these folks were, wishing for them to have a good excuse and promising a catch up training session as soon as possible. Amazing! The guy has lost all sense of ridicule!

He also demanded austerity from them. That is, no more body guards nor AC cars. Or some kind of crap to that effect. We are not holding our breath. Did anyone mentioned to Chavez that Disodado had 60 Miranda cops as his personal escort and dozens of car at his service while he was governor? I am sure that Diosdado is going to start flying coach and drive himself his car turning on the AC only when he goes to Maracaibo or Ciudad Bolivar....

I think it is time that Chavez changes his medication..................

-The end-

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