Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Venezuelan army: scratching where it itches

The event today is happening as I type. The vice president is holding a press conference surrounded by all the army chiefs of staff. The reason is that they did not like today's editorial of Tal Cual where Teodoro Petkoff takes the armed forces to task in order to guarantee the Venezuelan people the impartiality it is due to them.

There is nothing to discuss here: last November plenty of abuses have been reported and documented when possible. But recalling and reminding the public of these events must be itching the Venezuelan Army badly. So you have the unusual spectacle of the big brass AND the vice president altogether ganging up on a simple politicians.

Bull's eye Teodoro! Well done!!!

It is when you see such political montage from chavismo that you know they are in trouble at the polls and that they are probably planning something not very kosher. You can put that together with Diego Arria stating bluntly that the armed forces of Venezuela are basically the ultimate responsible party of that is going wrong in the country, as I was reporting a few days ago.

-The end-

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