Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chavez silent over Synagogue attack

Chavez who rarely misses an opportunity to open his big mouth has remained silent over the Caracas Synagogue attack yesterday. It has been over 24 hours already and so far Chavez, nor Miraflores Palace, have emitted a single declaration. At least as far as I can find on the web.

In any civilized country the head of state, independently of any diplomatic entanglement his or her country is embroiled in, will sternly condemn himself or herself an attack over a prayer site, a cemetery violation or the like. It is OK to send first a couple of ministers to condemn the attack, but 24 hours is just too long to step in as a head of state. It is so characteristic of Chavez who is often late in acknowledging natural disasters or human rights abuses. Then of course he is an uncouth soldier so what does he know or cares? Either that or we have ceased to be a civilized country.

-The end-

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