Monday, February 02, 2009

Teaching antisemitism in Venezuela

My mail box received a link from Aporrea, dated January 22 2009 ( It is signed by a certain Emilio Silva, who claims to be a teacher at the UBV, the Bolivarian University founded by Chavez in 2003. As an antisemitic track it is a classic, perhaps even unmatched in Venezuelan history in that Aporrea did not censor such a piece of garbage. In short, it is a program on how to establish an anti Jewish policy in Venezuela where the only thing missing is a yellow star. If you can read Spanish it is a must. If you cannot I have selected just excerpts, almost at random, that I translate below.
_. Al respecto, como agentes tan capitalistas como estos hebreos sionistas les duelen más el bolsillo que cualquier otra cosa (incluyendo Jehová), es inapropiado comprarles sus productos y acudir a sus locales comerciales, como también a aquellos negocios, supermercados, restaurantes, etc., que tengan vinculaciones con ellos o sean de su propiedad (como Locatel y la marca láctea Carabobo), o donde vendan sus alimentos Kosher, como Unicasa y Central Madeirense. _.On this regard, as such capitalist agents these Hebrew Zionist hurt more from their pocket than anything else (including Jehova), it is not appropriate to buy from them their products and go to their shops, as well as their business, grocery stores, restaurants, etc... that have links with them or are of their property (such as Locatel and the dairy brand Carabobo), or where Kosher foods are sold, such as Unicasa and Central Madeirense.
That is right, not only Jews must be starved but also anyone doing business with the Jew. Stunning!
_. Emplazar públicamente a todo judío que se encuentre en cualquier calle, centro comercial, plaza, etc., a que tome posición vociferándole consignas a favor de Palestina y en contra del estado-aborto de israel. No es un gesto inmaduro de agresión psicológica, sino un acto de cuestionamiento contra la indiferencia, complicidad, simpatía o apoyo que esas personas sientan hacia ese estado-monstruo de Israel. _. Take publicly to task any Jew that is in any street, shopping center, square, etc.., to take position screaming slogans in favor of Palestine and against the aborted-state [??] of israel [sic]. It is not an immature gesture of psychological agression, but an action to question the indifference, complicity, sympathy or support that these people feel toward this monster-state of Israel [sic].
That is right, ask any Jewish person anywhere to submit to an instant show trial of the people (understood as the Chavez people?) so as to basically renounce his or her Jewishness on the spot. Note: they are not going to ask him or her their opinion on the state of Israel actions, they are going to demand immediate condemnation in a way that they are not even asking a gentile like me to do even if I walk next to that Jewish person. Now, I understand that this is written by a mad man. However it is signed and as such can be traced down. If the Venezuelan government were serious about its condemnation it could start by demanding Aporrea, that it finances, to take down such script and it could ask the UBV to verify if this guy indeed works there, and fire him on the spot. But Chavez is a racist and he presides a government of "forajidos" so nothing will happen to Emilio Silva, nor to the people who attacked the Synagogue. After all we know from the Anderson case that when people in the government are involved in such crimes nothing ever comes out of the investigation. --- --- --- --- forajido= outlaw, gangster -The end-

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