Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chavez really, really wants to control Caracas

Poor Chavez, he really has a problem! The mean people did not vote for his candidate for Caracas mayor at large. And the new one, Ledezma, is showing to the world all the corruption and mismanagement that existed before he won the election last November. Of course, this is totally unacceptable. So, before arresting poor Ledezma, or even shooting him, there is a clever way to neutralize him: a new law that will put above Ledezma and all the local mayors of Caracas a Chavez appointed jerk that will have more power than the elected officials. Democracy? What democracy? Just vote for Chavez and he names everyone else and voila!

I love it when I call the 54% of people who voted SI an undemocratic crowd and I get such a fabulous and quick confirmation! If we were a democratic country chavistas and anti chavistas alike should go to the streets of Caracas to protest even the idea of discussing such a law that annuls their vote in such a blatant way. Will I stand corrected? I doubt it.

But meanwhile, this is of course a great distraction in the chavista circus where all must be discussed but what really needs to be discussed, such as crime and traffic and corruption.

I tell you what should happen if we had a real opposition in Venezuela: tomorrow a committee should be formed to prepare for the Recall Election of Cilia Flores who as a Caracas representative is accepting that such an undemocratic law is put to discussion in the chamber she presides. And it should be called clearly, stating that her decisions go against the will of the Caracas people and as such she should be removed as she is not representing them anymore. And if people from either side were not afraid, were democrats, were willing to fight for their rights then they would have no problem signing on the petition to call a vote on that, Tascon list or not.

I am not holding my breath. Meeting with Aznar is so much easier, so much more fulfilling, so much more effective to make sure that Caracas is adequately ruled.

-The end-

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