Friday, April 03, 2009

A guide for following events during the blog break

OK, so it is a little bit rough for me to take a break with so many things going on (Rosales, Baduel, Vivas, Simonovis, Perez Vivas, Ledezma, etc, etc...). But you can handle it very well on your own as everything can be made clear if you understand what is written below.

Chavez is creating a system where no opposition can ever win an election. As such, one tenet is that any personality that could gain enough notoriety to present a challenge, even at local level, must be thoroughly dealt with. Any trial under any pretense is always a good starting point. That can be supplemented with threats and/or a well organized slander campaign. This strategy is completed by making sure that any politician that manages anyway to break through by winning some elected office, is dispossessed of any means he or she could have to make an impact through their job performance.

Why must Chavez and its acolytes do something as patently fascist? Because they all depend on Chavez, they are mediocrities that amounted to nothing until Chavez lifted the rock under which they crawled, and becasue most of them know that whenever and independent judicial comes back to Venezuela they will end up in jail.

See, it is very simple and it can explain even the closing of media, the new intervention of the judicial system, nationalizations, ridiculous invasions such as the Chacao old market or in short any successful venture in Venezuela that can prove that there is life without Chavez.

You may print this and use it as needed. It might still not work for the sports pages though it is already working for the entertainment pages as one of these crawling creeps suggested that Hollywood films should be banned form Venezuela.

PS: and with this post I am starting my new tag/label, "neo-totalitarianism". I predict a frequent usage of this tag when I get back in regular blogging.

-The end-

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