Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I need a break

Since February 15 I have been writing a post, and rewriting it. And today I realize that I really need to finish this post, to take the time away from my blog to sort out these thoughts about what to with this blog.

The thing that made me realize the urgency is the latest post of Quico. For all my significant differences with him I can see when he gets something right and he did get something right in comparing Bush and al-Bashir. And some very undeserved flack for it. Some people might not like it but al-Bashir is a genocide and Bush is not.

The thing here is that I should have included something to that effect in my post about Chavez inviting al-Bashir. You only need to type in the word "genocide" in the top blog search feature and you will see almost two dozen entries with things such as:

May 15 2006

Of course, the reason for Chavez to qualify George Bush, the current US president, to be a genocidal president is due to the continued bombings of Iraq. This is certainly not the place to discuss the Iraq war. Instead I will discuss what genocide means and how that word has been abused, deliberately, by the chavista crowds.

But first a definition:
The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.
The link gives only one meaning. No ambiguity.

July 28 2006

I have underlined or circled the different allusions or direct attacks that abound in this tract. It sickens me to translate it but if anyone sees a purpose in the translation I will do it. Observe how the words holocaust and genocide are carelessly used, voided of any organic comment. Unforgivable!

August 10 2006

I will pass on discussing what is going on between Israel and its neighbors and focus on the fact that Chavez is consistently using words such as Holocaust, Fascism, Genocide, in conjunction to whatever his enemies do (in the case of Israel, which is not an enemy of Chavez the reason is to hit the main ally of Israel, the US, the perceived real enemy of Chavez).

Since Chavez is an ignorant of the real meaning of historical events one can conceive that the first 2-3 events where he used such words so lightly were a mere moment of irrationality and ignorance due to the length of his fiery speeches. But we cannot afford to entertain this benevolent hypothesis anymore: there is now a pattern. We are not even allowed to hope that his entourage is so scared of Chavez that they have not dared tell him that certain words are not to be played with. The vice president Jose Vicente Rangel knows better and he has had plenty of time to explain the subtleties to his boss. The trivialization of words such as Holocaust is a deliberate ploy. Soon we might even hear “Israel is holocausting Southern Lebanon”, becoming a verb as the ultimate descent into banality.

March 4, 2009

One little question: will Chavez defend, invite, praise Omar?

Not to mention that already in September 17, 2006 I was writing as a title: Does Chavez care about Darfur?

So why did I not remember all of that material? Note: before anyone thinks that I am trying to take credit away from Quico, I am not. If I cannot even remember myself what I wrote in so many occasions, how could I accuse anyone from the remotest plagiarism? Great minds think alike, as who knows who said in whatever sitcom, and any thinking person should reach te conclusion of what Quico wrote, although not necessarily as fast or as well written.

I definitely have a problem and I am losing any effectiveness that I might have had as a blogger. For example, why did I not see how big that issue was and focused rather on Chavez insulting Bachelet when it should have been the other way around? Is it because I have already said things so often that I am assuming that all should know? Am I despising Chavez so much that it has become easier to dismiss him, or to focus on the ridicule? How tired I am of this business?

Rafale Poleo titles his articles with a quote of Gide: Toutes choses sont dites déjà; mais comme personne n’écoute, il faut toujours recommencer. (Everything has already been said; but since no one pays attention we must always start again.) I have been thinking a lot about that quote lately, not only because 6 years of blogging made me repeat too many things, but because all of that repeating is getting to me. And yet necessary it seems.

So, I will not post anything anymore for a few days, until I finish up that text I am working on. I need the time to think about what is it that I am doing here, now, in a post-February 15 apocalyptic scenario. Unless Rosales is arrested or some real major event, you will have to go elsewhere for the news and interpretations as I pledge no to post anything until I put some order in my thoughts. With Easter week coming it might take a while, and be a blessing.

PS: Comments will be monitored, just in case someone wants to write on this or other matters, I am not entering a monastery, I just need to finish something already in progress.

-The end-

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