Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Claudio Farias of Caracas Metro to be fired?

I wish I could use La Fontaine more in this blog but he is basically untranslatable. The Fable I have in mind today is "Les Grenouilles qui demandent un roi", where a whole bunch of frogs decide not to be a democracy anymore and ask Jupiter to send them a king. He sends them a pacific frog but the gang gets bored with such a pushover king and ask for a new one. So he sends a crane who starts eating them, warning the frogs not to complain that the next king could be way worse.

Come to think of it this is pretty much the story of Venezuela...

I remember this poem because it does not allow me to be fully happy at the rumored firing of Claudio Farias, the president of Caracas Metro. Apparently his incompetence and political speeches since he took over in January have been too much, even for chavismo hard core. I would be tempted for once to congratulate the regime for a rare good decision but then again it was already a bad decision in January and we do not know who will replace him. I shall hold my praise.

-The end-

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