Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Globovision pays its fine? Double it!

These past few months chavismo has been prodigal with its trademarks of unfairness and thuggery. Today we got three more!!!

The fine is doubled. Just as Globovision celebrated that it collected enough money from its devoted audience the SENIAT announced that the fine had been doubled. Just like that. Now it will be more than 4 million US dollars, for that specific fine.

A new lawsuit is opened. And a double jeopardy at that, on another angle on the already prosecuted famous Rafael Poleo visit at Globovision when Poleo reminded Chavez on how Mussolini ended his life.

Globovion lawyer to be indicted. Perla Jaimes is the legal counsel of Globovision, the head of a very busy office these last few years. She was charged today on obstruction to justice for the mere crime of having made sure the "Miranda rights" were given to Zuloaga when his home was searched. It is all on TV, her refusing to let the state to search the house until a proper search warrant was produced. They eventually produced it and they were allowed in. She did her job, something duly protected in the laws. That assuming that laws were actually observed in bolibanana.

You can make your own conclusions. If you need help to make up your mind about how the justice system works in Venezuela I would suggest that you seek what has happened to all the corruption accusations duly documented and reported on the press and media on Diosdado Cabello (heading the Globovision closing task) or Di Martino, two name the most prominent recent ones.

-The end-

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