Monday, July 27, 2009

Patricia Rodas: the woman who married Zelaya to Chavez?

UPDATED: a Rodas in the White House?

Reader Milonga brought my attention to these recent words from Patricia Rodas, ex (?) foreign minister of Zelaya, currently fluttering around to have her boss back in office:
"Un saludo a nuestro comandante Hugo Chávez. Sin él, sin su apoyo, esta repercusión mediática no habría sido posible" A salutation to our comandante Hugo Chavez. Without him, without his support, this media blitz would not have been possible. [my emphasis on the our]
As a confession of who is the real boss on Honduras moves this one is matchless.

I had heard about that woman, I had noticed already her loving words when she helped engineer the shameful lift of sanctions on Cuba a couple of months ago at the OAS meeting of San Pedro Sula. A quick search offers me two juicy pieces on her.

From an Honduran paper we can alredy see that last year she was in trouble with the Liberal party of Honduras who was maneuvering to have her removed from the direction. The causes? Her left turn without consulting with the party and her simple inability at managing it.

In English I found an interview with a Nicaraguan journalist. Asked about Patrica Roldas she has this to say:
She is a woman of the left; she has a tradition of grassroots organization. It’s she who has filled Mel Zelaya’s head with debatable initiatives, with transformation. Nobody is analyzing with depth her role in this shift made by Zelaya, who is a man that comes from the most rancid rightwing of the Honduran oligarchy.

Patricia Rodas has assembled inside the Honduran Liberal Party a group that calls itself “The Patricios,” those who have more of a social base; they have more of a tradition of popular organization. Another thing is that they were being isolated inside the Liberal Party.

This interview of Maria Lopez Vigil was published in Havana Times, a strange web page which seems unable to make up its mind about Cuba, fitting the studied ambiguity of some of Raul words. In other words, not the kind of web site you would expect to find a rather critical evaluation of the Zelaya role.

And of course that photo which shows her "interest" for Chavez.

All speculations are allowed about Ms. Roldas, from her role in Chavez Honduras involvement to whatever your febrile minds wants to think of.

UPDATE: To complement this post the Wall Street Journal brings us two articles this morning.

Maria Anastasia O'Grady writes about Greg Craig, the ex lawyer of Elian Gonzalez, who now seems to be directing the shots on Latin America. Are we seeing a potential conflict between State and and the White House brewing? It sounds that Obama has a Rodas of sorts, no?

And Micheletti gets his own say in a US paper. You like it or not but there it is. Slowly but surely people are realizing that they need to listen to someone else than the clown at the border and his sponsor.

-The end-

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