Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1, 1939, Poland

The BBC for breakfast offered us a reminder that today 70 years ago Poland entered the darkest hour of its life. As a few heads of state are gathering near Gdansk for commemorations it is suitable to remember that appeasement in front of bullies never pays off in the end.

To all those people that support Chavez just because he opposes Bush, or the USofA now that Bush is no more, just because he needs an enemy to help him rule at home, to all these people that still do not know that the Berlin Wall fell a couple decades ago, to all of these people who see Cuba as a haven and not for the watery jail it has been for 50 years, I must remind them that such leadership almost invariably end up in bloodshed and ALWAYS end up with total misery over the people they "lead".

When you support a thug for whatever reason you think justifies such support you always risk to see that thug join hands with another one to screw up both people. This is what we must commemorate today, that Hitler and Stalin split Poland, and that after ruining Poland they ruined both of their countries.

If you see no problem in Chavez supporting Castro or Qaddafi or Mugabe or Bashir, then you have learned nothing from life and history. If indeed what happens today in Venezuela cannot be compared to Europe in august 1939, it still remains that the situation can get worse, and worse, as more misery will come our way. Your support such regimes comes at the expense of your moral standing.

You have been told, you know what you are, and you know we know what you are. It does not make any difference if you are a PSF reading these lines or Lula da Silva in Brasilia who will never read them: both of you will have your hands stained once this is all over.

-The end-

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