Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chavez summer road trip: a shame a day

Just before summer is officially over Chavez decided to take a little road trip, a vacation of sorts since it is a trip that will produce nothing for Venezuela. Below Tal Cual offers us a picture that says it all about the gang, literally, as in chain-gang, Chavez is about to visit over the next ten days.

From left to right:

Ahmadinejerk, once elected, now imposed president of Iran, the country where women are forced to wear a veil and where gays are lynched, among other many human rights violated.

Syria's Assad, the hereditary ruler of Syria, a main sponsor of terrorism and a regime bent on the elimination of Israel, though not as vocally as the preceding creep of this list.

Bouteflika of Algeria, the heir of a once proud FLN now a mere machine to ensure the eternal reelection of Bouteflika.

Qaddafi, noted terrorist supporter, who is staging his anniversary party for 40 years in power in Libya without any election, without any democracy, second only to Castro, and who in addition offered a triumphal welcome to the murderer of Lockerbie.

Lukashenko of Belarus, the head of the last Easter Europe Commie state. No further comment needed.

Putin, who benefited once upon a time of the legitimacy of the vote but who now has become a new type of Tsar of all Russias, killing small ethnic nations whenever required.

Missing from the grand tour (for lack of time?) Mugabe, Bashir and the North Korean creep, though the first two Chavez did meet while in Tripoli for the Muammar bash.

How can this trip be possibly good for Venezuela? How can you put a positive spin on that?

Unbelievable..... How low can one fall? Truly, birds of a criminal feather!

-The end-

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