Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PSF trashing in Brazil

For those who can read some Portuguese do not miss this trashing of Weisbrot in Brazil.  Hat tip Milonga.


  1. Charly2:13 PM

    Trashing it is. This sentence sums it all and fits the dude like a glove: "É um vigarista intelectual comprovado". He's a certified intellectual swindler. How true!

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | 4:39

    I find it a trifle to know what it's Mark Weisbrot, who wrote that article in the Folha saying - God of heaven! - Fear that the U.S. democracy in Haiti and conspired with France and Canada to overthrow the government of Aristide! Wow Do the research yourself! It is a proven intellectual crook.

    As seen, as the institute's director is - a section called the Center for Economic and Policy Research - it's just a think tank in the service of Hugo Chávez. And the Colonel usually pay very well his henchmen around the world. Here in Brazil, even, and one day I know everything there is at least one journalist has enriched and a sociologist swimming in money. Task two: what we do is dedicated to such Weisbrot. If he is free in the U.S., the two wise guys who charge expensive to do in the periphery, then it's stupid.

    Amazing is that a guy like that type in the Brazilian press articles like that of yesterday. Investing in such plurality of views, etc.. seems cool. Is in her name, everything is permitted? Even accusing the U.S. of conspiring against democracy in Haiti? Question: a Latin American intellectual who had accepted such an argument would find in the newspaper?

    There is a difference between plurality and MMA? The day will come that franchisees Bin Laden the opportunity to expose their motives?

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Weisbrot in the US is like the turks in Germany.
    They all the time piss on the country they live in.
    Such ppl should be thrown out.
    Weisbrot should go right now to life in Vzla or Northkorea!

  4. 1979 Boat People12:25 AM


    Venezuela's Chavez Forms Socialist Supermarket Group

    What are the differences between the Socialist Supermarket and the Capitalist Supermarket?

    Two different prices for the same item? one price (FREE) for "you are with us" the other price for "you are against us"?

  5. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Espantoso é que um cara como esse escreva na imprensa brasileira artigos como aquele de ontem. Investir na tal pluralidade de visões etc. parece bacana. Será que, em nome dela, tudo é permitido? Até mesmo acusar os EUA de estarem conspirando contra a “democracia no Haiti”? Pergunta: um intelectual latino-americano que tivesse tal tese encontraria acolhida no jornal?

    Há diferença entre pluralidade e vale-tudo? Chegará o dia em que franquearemos a Bin Laden o espaço para expor os seus motivos?

    no fue conmigo....y....


  6. concerned8:28 AM

    If Brazil this year, and Argentina next year follow in the footsteps of Chile and Peru, Chavez will finally be like his mentor, Fidel, in that he will be stranded on an island. His plans for a Grand Colombia will have to wait.

  7. Quick english transalation here:

    Chavez's coons are the same everywhere. Patience....

  8. 1979 Boat People1:15 PM


    Thank you very much for the URL. Now i can read it in English.


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