Monday, February 08, 2010

Confirmed! Chavez not only is better than Louis the XIV, but he is better than Bolivar!

In the truth is stranger than fiction category.

First we had the words of Chavez that he was the incarnation of the people, like, you know, the state as in "L'état, c'est moi" of that famous Sun King. You can watch the video and wait for the segment 1:00 to 1:40.

Now, today, in a show of unspeakable arrogance he said that the day Bolivar was thrown out of Caracas, nothing happened, but that the day he was thrown out "el pueblo" went up in flames [meaning insurrection to retrieve him].

“El día que echaron a Bolívar de Caracas no pasó nada, pero el día que me echaron a mí, ardió el pueblo”

I am going to spare you a lengthy historical discussion on how wrong Chavez is, from Bolivar to April 11.  But you know, if you repeat a lie often enough a few will start believing it.......

This will be quite a memorable Alo Presidente where in addition of surpassing Bolivar, Chavez expropriated private buildings of the historical Plaza Bolivar implying that today's Temple Merchants had no right there. He did not explain anything at first, a plain "expropiese!" was enough for his imperial majesty.  Of course, knowing his rank, Caracas mayor Rodriguez said later that all would be taken care by Tuesday, making one wonder about the spontaneity of the expropiese.  That is right, without a global project, without a cost analysis, without even contemplating the time for the locals to move, all was decided according to El Supremo.

To make the day further memorable he asked the sitting Nazional Assembly to vote a law so that in next legislature representatives that switch sides would be sanctioned.  We assume for those that go away from chavismo as I doubt anyone coming to chavismo in a hung parliament would be sanctioned.  Or am I discovering purity in Chavez?  Or is Chavez subconscious betraying him in the knowledge that he will not get the 2/3 majority he needs if he is to retain full control of the judicial power?

And to make sure we all got the point, he said that in the country there is a terrible class struggle, as in Marx [who by his own admission he has yet to read].  Thus no reconciliation is possible.  Is Ramiro already hard at work on these items, by the way?

Is there any doubt left about the mental state of Hugo the First?

In truth, if you ask me, this is all well prepared as Chavez must be above anything in Venezuelan history.  Rewriting will not do, he has to be above all.


Update: the video with the "expropiese".  Enjoy the executive nature of Chavez, who yet is unable to bring us electricity, water, security, peace, reliable food supplies, reliable medicine, reliable whatever...  You gotta love such extraordinary contradictions between style and results.  In sort, a true banana republic moment.  (hat tip PMB)


  1. In the words of the Chigüire: Prozac, Litio y muerte...

  2. He seems to be really pissed for the fact that Bolivar existed.

  3. sheik yer Bouti4:33 AM

    funny...I just watched the Superbowl and the girls....with no power interuptions.....

    you get to watch further mental deterioration of EL Mucho Macho Jefe Grande...

    Seattle looking better and better huh?

  4. La Maga Lee5:16 AM

    Pobre Libertador, debe estar dando vueltas en su sarcófago, escuchar estas cosas al pie de su estatua! Caracho!, uno nunca dejará de asombrarse.

  5. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Karl Marx hated Simon Bolivar and wrote very insulting things about him. I suppose the Great One hasn't faced that contradiction yet. Much like the cocalero moron running Bolivia seems to be oblivious to the fact that the venerated Che called Bolivian peasants "animalitos." Of course we all know that the CIA back in 1810 murdered Bolivar because some gringos had a ranch in South America and that Chavez must dig him up to plant a video game on him to prove that Bush's great-great-great great grandfather was mixed up in it because he was alive at the time. Isn't Marxist logic amazing?

  6. 1979 Boat People8:38 AM

    I watched the video but had no clue what Chavez was saying. However, his public speaking style is similar to Fidel Castro or Hitler. He sure knows how to play with audience's emotion.

  7. This is all good, because the further he descends into the abyss of insanity, the sooner somebody -whether civil or military, whether inside or out - is going to have to step in and say "Hold on, this has gone far enough. Bring in the men with the white coats. OK Hugo, come along with us." At some point that HAS to happen. Just how farther it has to go is the big question, but my observations over the last few months suggest that the process is accelerating fast.

  8. Yes, there's a class struggle. And as long as the one with the least class (saying no class doesn't seem to fit; it must be somewhere in the negative range) remains in charge it will continue, as he is incapable of ceasing to struggle. Mostly because he could never rise above anything without a fight, i.e. on his own merits.

  9. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Fuertes a lochas que los huesos de Simón no están su sarcófago ...

  10. Can you point me to where Chávez admitted he hadn´t read Marx? That is some admission, hot on the heels of claiming to be a Marxist.

  11. endivio

    he said that at his "state of the union" speech early January. it is vox populi now, but if you want a specific article you have your pick here:

    el universal has this


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