Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ramiro Valdes as seen on El Chiguïre Bipolar

The rejection of Ramiro Valdes has been so strong, so fast, so complete that if chavismo had any hope to link such a rejection to a maneuver from the CIA, well, it is too late.  I know Ramiro is a desensitized hard core Fidel assassin but I wonder what he must think about it.  At least in Cuba he has never been exposed to such a universal and public rejection.  Heck! the rejection is so strong in the opposition that we can be sure that many within chavismo must also be rejecting his appointment as pro-consul for Venezuela.  Many  probably are running scared wondering whether Ramiro will hang them before he does hang the opposition.

El Chiguïre Bipolar has taken it in stride, making sure we understand through humor what is such a sinister character coming to Venezuela.  I will translate just the first three measures that Ramiro offered to reduce or electric consumption, according to a Chiguïre journalist:

- Unplug routers and remove computers from homes and offices will allow a 100 Mw monthly saving.

- Limit the use of cel phones and Blackberries to only calls, no SMS, no Internet, no chat. Batteries will last twice as long and two recharges a week will be enough.

- Close Globovision. A TV network consumes in a month enough electricity to light up a giant advertisement of Chavez promoting his successes every night for a year.

You get the point! No one is fooled! :)


  1. Charly6:21 AM

    That is the way to go! Chavez as a tyrant? Please, one characteristic of this fellow is that he is not sanguinary. Many deaths on the 4 Feb 1992? Yes but not because he is evil, but rather incompetent. Chiguire Bipolar has got it squared perfectly. What bothers the oppo and a lot of us is not that His Nibs is a dictator but rather cannot find his arse with both hands, hence the power, water, security, economic snafus, etc, etc. Some are trying to depict the Leader as Adolph Hitler when in fact he is Adenoid Hynkel. Well done Chiguire

  2. Anonymous1:36 PM


    One possible explanation for his trip to Caracas is that Ramiro Valdes is in some kind of trouble in Cuba as a result of the ongoing power struggle, and is being put through a test. If he gets his assignment to Venezuela wrong, he will be eligible for early retirement from politics on his return to Havana. Since his mission is nearly impossible, Valdes might wake up one morning feeling somewhat purged. He deserves worse, though.


  3. Electical humor:

    Question:What would you call a power failure?

    Answer: A current event.

    Q: How does a spoiled rich Chavista gal change a light bulb?

    A: She says, "Papito, I need a new apartment!

  4. Part of an old joke by some anonymous:

    We have been victims of a massive hoax which we are are attempting to rectify.For years our capitalist electric company led Venezuelans to believe they were in business to supply electricity to the people, a service for which they charged a substantial rate. The recent acquisition of secret records from our power company has led to a massive research campaign which positively explodes several myths and exposes the massive hoax which has been perpetrated upon the people by our old power company( Capitalist pigs).

    The most common hoax promoted the false concept that light bulbs emitted light; in actuality, these 'light' bulbs actually absorb DARK which is then transported back to the power generation stations via wire networks. A more descriptive name for these bulbs is now in use; the truly scientific name for this misleading device is a DARKSUCKER.

    We will give you a brief description of the darksucker truth , which proves the existence of dark and establishes the fact that dark has great mass, and further, that a dark particle (the anti-photon) is the fastest known particle in the universe. Apparently, even Einstein did not suspect this truth.. that just as COLD is the absence of HEAT, LIGHT is actually the ABSENCE of DARK... SO,scientists have proven that light does not really exist!

    Capitalists greedies have been charging for something that never existed in the first place!

    Living more in the dark will be the new and healthy reality for all intelligent well informed criollo socialists who have now seen the light( sorry for that one), I mean discovered the truth.

    False Light is nothing but a trick or disguise for personal enrichment.

  5. Island Canuck8:28 PM

    Can anyone confirm if the story about GloboVision being bought by a group with JVR behind it is true??

    If so it will be the worse blow to democracy yet in Venezuela.

  6. Daniel;

    I hope the negative reaction to Valdes continues to grow.

    I have linked this post, as well as your earlier one on Valdes's arrival from a new entry I published today at StJacques Online: A Freedom Blog:

    Caracas Mayor: "There is a Cuban Invasion Here"

    Hope you are well.



  7. Chavez has a problem electricity and calls in Valdes to solve it. Now this is an electricity problem
    Consider for a moment..... the US Army can't solve it! All Chavez has are a few students marching around Caracas to ruin his day. Valdes like all who get close to Chavez (owner of the Golden Goose) will be corrupted and become just another "Greedy"!

  8. St Jacques

    Thank you for your troubles in these busy days for me when I have little time for in deep stuff.

  9. canuck

    rumors, rumors. but if globo goes on sale i doubt it would be bought by JVR. then again.....

    in 1957 there was no TV or radio speaking for the opposition and yet on janaury 23 1958 perez jimenez was out.

  10. The rumors arose from Ravell's possible running for a seat in the AN and the fact that the law would prohibit his ownership of a media channel. I think if it happens, his current partners would have first right of refusal

  11. Karl

    that is quite possible and we do not see how Ravell would sell to someone who would not help him as much as possible to get a seat at the Assembly.

  12. Karl

    that is quite possible and we do not see how Ravell would sell to someone who would not help him as much as possible to get a seat at the Assembly.


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