Friday, March 12, 2010

XXI century racism

We have a XXI century socialism and we can say that it i nicely accompanied by a XXI century racism. Or how else can you explain that in Cuba we have political prisoners who starve themselves to death in defense of their Human Rights, and who are, GASP! African Americans, Blacks, Niggers, whatever you want to name them. BUT, they are the people that supposedly, allegedly, according to the Castro-chavismo propaganda were supposed to be the ones for which that XXI century crapism was lucubrated?

I found this poster at Babalu and I found it very appropriate to broach a subject over which I had not written much yet.  Not that Chavez leaves me with no time but because I did not know quite how to write about it.

But the fact of the matter as one African American already died (Orlando Zapata Tamayo) we have yet another one about to die.  And we have Lula making perhaps the biggest mistake of his political career endorsing the Cuban repression! A support that will cost him dearly when history books are written as the biggest enabler of tyrannical regimes in South America since the US withdrew from that role two decades ago.  Even the Brazilian Senate foreign committee had to go against the president of the country.  To illustrate how far at the margin of history Lula is we can cite the European Union Parliament condemnation of Cuba by 509 votes to a mere 30.

The Raul Castro charade is finally over.  With the European Union vote taken against the original wishes of Spain and for which even the Spanish socialists rejoined the main fray, it is clear that no one has any illusion on Cuba and that now we are in a mere death watch for the Castros.  Cuba is now officially a pariah state, and Venezuela is about to rejoin it any time soon.  Faithful readers of this blog knew that all along of course, but it is nice to see it so blatantly exposed as it has been in recent weeks, from every corner.

PS: researching this post I learned that actually Lula would see himself as the UN next Secretary.  That would explain a lot Brazil's recent postures in favor of Iran or Cuba.  There is indeed a majority of pariah to semi-pariah states at the UN and Lula expects that none of the 5 veto voices at the UN would dare to veto him.  We'll see, but right now we can be sure of one thing: Lula is unfit for the office.


  1. Charly5:56 PM

    The UN? Hummm!!! Similar to the proposal that was made a couple of weeks ago to have a OAS without the US and Canada, I am hopeful that all these second class, developing or third world countries, whatever you may wish to call them, will want a UN without the G7 and friends. Should be fun to watch especially the financing aspect and the nepotism. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Charly

    you might be unto something. Maybe Lula and Castro long ago in the heydays of the foro thought that they could create a world without Europe and the US, where they would be kings. Speaks more of their low self image than anything else.... you know, like the brats at the school yards that refuse to play if folks do not play by their rules and end up forming a brooding gang that hangs around a corner at all times...

  3. Boludo Tejano8:41 PM

    A UN without the G7 or the OAS without Canada and the US, and without their funds. Sounds good to me. Move their respective HQs to Caracas, to one of the barrios of the poor. Petare, say. Within five years the malandros will have murdered a fifth of the delegates.

    Reminds me of the old "Unaligned Conference/Countries," which showed its sincerity when Cuba was one of the group.

  4. Dan, are you aware that "nigger" is the most hurtful, painful thing you can write for a black person in the US? It's a derogatory word from the times when blacks were considered less human. It's worse than fag or kike or cracker or french frog. FYI, in case you didn't know. If you keep typing it, Sean Penn and Danny Glover might hire an assassin to kill you.

  5. KS

    Of course I know! That is the point! To show that racism can be disguised under any ways and that the Castros might never say in public "negro de mierda", a.k.a. nigger in the US and yet they are as racist as it comes.

  6. Good one Daniel.My kind of remarks.Cuts througt grease.

  7. firepigette

    and not a single PSF has tried to post or sent me a nasty note. they will just for a few days until, they hope, the news fade.

  8. "...the black is indolent and fanciful, he spends his money on frivolity and drink."
    --Che Guevara

  9. gatorgab10:03 PM

    Daniel - thanks so much for writing on this topic! For so many years we cuban exiles have felt so marginalized and misportrayed as fascists, racists, and worse. When I went to Cuba in 2001, I was shocked at the open racism expressed by the remaining whites there. I was explicitly told not to go to carnavals or the Malecon at night due to the presence of too many Blacks. The police in Havana treat Blacks the way the apartheid regime used to do in South Africa - constantly stopping them and asking them for ID when they are in tourist areas, etc. My mom and I were in the process of giving a young Black cuban mother, who detected us as cuban exiles returning, a $10 bill to help her buy milk for her children, one of which was with her. The police immediately came after her and pushed her away and apologized to us for the "trash" begging on the streets. My mom was shocked and depressed. Black cubans are hard to find at the tourist resorts and the communist politburo of Cuba.

    Besides Tamayo, there are several other Black dissidents receiving especially harsh treatment from the cuban authorities. One is Oscar Elias Biscet, a doctor who denounced Cuba's use of abortion as a means of improving its infant mortality rate reporting. Women who did not want abortions (mostly BLACK) were being forced to undergo abortions. He has been sentenced to over 25 years in jail for absolutely no crime known to civilized men, other than denouncing abuse of authority. I pray Venezuela never reaches the level of depravity of the Castros Cuba.

    And they now try to garner good press by announicing they are performing sex change operations for free! God help us.

  10. gatorgab

    I wish I could write more about Cuba but Venezuela takes too much of my time already. To each his fight, not forgetting on occasion to cross post. Fortunately there are way more anti Castro blogs than anti Chavez blogs, so I have a good excuse.

    Now, if the anti Castro blogs woudl dig a little bit more as to Chavez supporting the Castros and allowing Venezuela to have become a Cuban colony, that could be quite helpful, you know. Sometimes I think I am the only one repeating this incessantly...


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