Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bolivarian homophobes

I do not know what is it with these bolivarians and their complexes, but they all seem to be of the same feather.  I have long written on chavismo as the homophobic and anti-Semitic presence in its leadership (examples here).  Now it turns out that Evo Morales is another homophobe!  And, as expected, in association with ignorance.

Evo Morales declared at an "alternative climate summit" (Copenhagen was not good enough for them, it did not have feathered natives enough I suppose)  that eating chickens raised on hormones was a cause for homosexuality.  His exact words, and a video to prove it:

"El pollo que comemos está cargado de hormonas femeninas. Por eso, cuando los hombres comen esos pollos, tienen desviaciones en su ser como hombres"  The chicken we eat is loaded with feminine hormones.  That is why, when men east these chickens, they have deviations in their maleness being (or something like that).

There you go!  Pat Robertson is about to become the biggest fan of Evo and the biggest foe of Purdue.

Let's dispatch the ignorance factor first.

As someone involved in miscellaneous livestock activities I can assure you that even if producers were willing to use hormones to increase the weight of chickens, the price of hormones would bar them from doing it.  Hormonal chickens is an urban myth just like Nile Crocs in the sewers of Tallin.  That maybe some assays were done once upon a time, is probable.  What did not they try to feed chickens to  have them grow faster?  Today chickens can be ready for the slaughterhouse in 7 weeks!  Who needs hormones anymore?

And let's not get started on the real causes of homosexuality where scientific bases are now clear and convincing.

No, what is more important here is what this lapsus brutis of Evo reveals about himself: intolerance to whatever is different from his parochial view of the world.  It is no accident that Bolivia and Venezuela are the two countries most divided and polarized today in the Americas.  Those who lead them are ignorant people that reached power on personal charisma and a wave of social resentment.  But their true nature cannot be hidden long, they are intolerant, sectarian and what not.

The Spanish press had a field day on Evo's more than unfortunate expression, able by itself to sink fast whatever positive his climate meeting had.  He sure brought a chill down on his image (amen of his other remarks as Europeans being bald because of their food, bigotry and prejudice unite!).  For those who read Spanish I recommend Gabriela Warkentin in El Pais and for a good cathartic laugh  Pilar Rahola in La Vanguardia.  From her the words to conclude this post:

Resuelto, pues. La malvada desviación carnal de los hombres que aman a los hombres no es el resultado natural de su orientación sexual, sino la conjura judeo-yanqui-transgénica contra los pueblos indígenas, cuya alimentación con quinua los salva de caídas de pelo y alas de mariposa. Ya ven ustedes, dos mil años de teorías cristianas para combatir la homosexualidad y resulta que era cuestión de pollos.

It is thus settled.  The evil carnal deviation of men who love other men is not the natural result of their sexual orientation, but the Judeo-Yankee-transgenic conspiracy against the indigenous people, whose nutrition of quinoa preserves them from falling hair and butterfly flutters. You can see yourself, two thousand years of christian theories to fight off homosexuality and it was just a matter of chicken.


  1. 1979 Boat People10:35 PM

    Hummm..may be Evo Morales should feed the chickens with coca leaves.

    No wonder the rain just keeps falling INSIDE this idiot's head

  2. Daniel, the whole thing about feminine hormones is an old story... repeated by lots of old ladies.

    But I gotta handed to Evo, bold men are included!!! this made me laugh so much!

    Lo peor es que dicen tamañas barbaridades y juran que se la están comiendo...

  3. Anonymous11:10 PM

    "But their true nature cannot be hidden long, they are intolerant, sectarian and what not."

    This post would be a lot more convincing were it not for the rancid homophobia among the anti-chavista crowd (or at least the part of the crowd that hangs out in N24/ND)

  4. When I lived in Venezuela in the 1980's, some of my coworkers told me something similar; that chicken breeders even in Venezuela were using all kinds of artificial hormones and that it wasn't good for people any more.

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    " Europeans being bold..."

    You mean bald, not bold.

  6. second anonymous

    thanks. i will correct! what happens when you type something real quick...

  7. first anonymous

    In my long experience in blogging on Venezuela and dealing with comments, 99% of the time a reader makes a comment about what happens in the comment section of ND or Noticias 24 s/he is a chavista that uses what happens in those comment sections to build a case against me or other readers of this blog or the point of the post.

    In other words if this is the only thing you have to say to defend Evo Morales, then you have no case. Of course against a video that exposes the slime, you can only try to use slime from elsewhere to try to hide it. But it still remains slime, you know....

  8. Boludo Tejano3:02 AM

    1979 Boat People
    Hummm..may be Evo Morales should feed the chickens with coca leaves.No wonder the rain just keeps falling INSIDE this idiot's head

    Good one. Evo doesn't strike one as Nobel Prize material.Not insane like Thugo, just lacking gray matter. BTW, coca leaves don't do much. All they will do will make your mouth numb (just like novocaine at a dentist's office), provided that you add some lime or ash to what you chew. On a rig I worked on in northern Argentina, the top two YPF hands on the rig, both responsible and middle aged, chewed coca leaves on the job. Several years before, coca leaves had still been legal in Argentina, and they weren't about to change their habits of a lifetime. Another YPF supervisor, who was a grandfather, introduced me to coca leaves in town. As far as I can tell, coca leaves are no more pernicious than coffee. It is the concentrated forms, such as bazuko(coca paste), or cocaine, that are harmful.

    Mate de coca ( coca tea) is used in Bolivia as a cure for altitude sickness.

    Thugo says:Evo sends me coca paste ( Evo me manda pasta de coca). (much more concentrated than the leaves -an intermediary phase between leaves and cocaine. Of course, he could be pulling our legs- or be serious.)

  9. mmmm...I'll take the large bucket with biscuits and a an iced tea, please.

    (sorry, I couldn't help it, it's just too ridiculous)

  10. Evo's non-retarded twin8:22 AM

    I find it amusing (read: sick) that almost always the kind of people who denounce homophobia are the kind of people who feel insulted when it's compared with necrophilia (after all, we know that ALL necrophiliacs are evil monsters who kill people to have sex with them and who should be put in jail and/or an insane asylum, right?) who think pedophilia is a synonym for child molestation (one is a medical term that refers ONLY to a sexual PREDILECTION while the other describes an illegal ACTION; confusing the two is like confusing pyromania with arson), who invariably ridicule Japanese for their tentacle porn, and who think the word "homophobia" is an actual scientific term (it isn't, it's a made-up word invented by the media which grossly misinterprets the meaning of "phobia". You know the feeling you get when you try to imagine your grandparents having oral sex? THAT's what the word "phobia" means, and it has nothing to do with hatred or mistreatment of anyone).

  11. Daniel,

    To be the devil's advocate: was that exactly what Evo said? If he did, he is a moron, if he didn't, he is a moron anyway (for other things we know), but I am not sure he was referring to homosexuality but fertility.
    Perhaps he heard something about "those things influencing something to do with male things", which is not the same as sexuality.

    Anyway: what I have heard is rather this:

    Another thing that I had heard, albeit quite different, is this:
    That was the first google hit, but there are newer reports on that coming from everywhere.

    So, you mix that about contraceptives in water and the first thing about the side effects to cattle and you give that to a semiliterate bloke as Evo and you get "the Empire is trying to do something to our maleness by hormones and making us bold" and then the newspapers say Evo is saying people become gay and bald"

  12. kepler

    there is a video, you know.... and all the press, from bolivia to spain, interpret it that way. i gave you el pais and la vanguardia because they were the most funny, best written and acidic accounts, but you can look by yourself at the hundred of hits google news will give you in spanish.

  13. evo non retarded


  14. 1979 Boat People6:18 PM

    Boludo Tejano,

    Evo's enemies may be addicted to THAT tender chicken meat you know...

  15. 1979 Boat People6:44 PM

    Boludo Tejano,

    Talking about chewing coca leaves, in Taiwan, men like to chew Betel nut.

    This is also an old Vietnamese culture (mostly women chew the Betel nut instead. Most Vietnamese now don't chew Betel nut anymore except some old folks.

    In Taiwan, Betel nut are sold by Betel nut beauty in roadside cubicles to passing motorists.

    An interesting Taiwanese culture.

    I am sorry Daniel. It is OT. Please let me post it.


  16. Anonymous1:16 AM

    @Daniel, I fail to see anything in my comment that could be construed as a defense of evo. tarring me as a chavista because i wrote critically of your post is beneath you

    to rephrase my point: to add homophobia as one of the many, many, many failings intrinsic to chavismo is disingenuous when it is so widespread in the culture

  17. Roger2:47 AM

    There is of course a folk cure. Raw bull or horse balls! Here we call them Rocky Mountain Oysters! Mexicans swear by them. Eat lots of them and you will only have sons! They of course will not cure chicken chasing....

  18. first anonymous (or is that latest one?)

    first, i have something about taking seriously people who do not make an effort to come up with a handle and sign anonymous, making it difficult for all to follow a thread. if you cannot be creative enough to sign "joe" then we have the right to wonder whether it is worth reading you.

    second, the prevalent culture argument is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT because leaders are supposed to set an example and work to correct the flaws or excesses of a culture. leaders that have no problem in cultivating the sins of the people they rule over to promote their tenure of power are, in my book, beyond contempt.

    in other words, you might not be a chavista but you sure sound like one.

  19. Caramba amigos, creo que encontraron lo que trastorna la mente de cualquiera, la coca, ejemplo Evo, y el que les conté.
    Otro dato , a los pollos con plumas esta prohibido mundialmente darles hormonas. La Maga Lee

  20. the first anonymous6:37 AM

    "leaders are supposed to set an example and work to correct the flaws or excesses of a culture. leaders that have no problem in cultivating the sins of the people they rule over to promote their tenure of power are, in my book, beyond contempt."

    see, *that* is an *excellent* point.

    too bad you undermine it with stuff like

    "in other words, you might not be a chavista but you sure sound like one."

    sorry i didn't establish by anti-chavez bona fides. an FAQ or disclaimer on the blog may help avoid future mistakes


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