Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cubans train sharp shooters and snipers in the Venezuelan army

What we all knew but did not dare discuss much was finally stated clearly by someone who knows about that.  Antonio Rivero retired from the army a few days ago.  He was a general and he was in charge of the Civil Defense system of Venezuela, the one that does rescue operations and the like.  His role was not too stellar but can be excused in part as chavismo has no patience for such trivial matters as the Avila burning of last months illustrated to all.  He certainly never got the funds he needed to perform his job as it should be.  He was at least one of those few chavista public servants that one could listen to without much wincing.  Well, today in a press conference he let us know that Cubans are training sharp shooters in the Venezuelan army and that when there is a conflict, Cuban military personnel are given priority.

And thus more evidence for the status of Venezuela as a Cuban colony just when we commemorate 200 years of alleged independence.  How long until Rivero finds his way next to Oswaldo Alvarez Paz cell?


  1. I read somewhere the entire Interior Ministry is staffed by Cubans and that there are even Iranian troops in Venezuela.

  2. Charly11:02 PM

    It is getting more and more in the open; infiltration by the Cuban military, the FARC, the Iranian Quod forces. Maybe Rafael Poleo was prescient and the jerk who manages the place will end hung from the feet same as his model Benzino Napaloni.

  3. As always... they prefer to be quiet till their retirement, and then they speak.

  4. yes Liz, my thoughts exactly!

    they put us in deep shit and then they expect us to rush to their side and applaud their courageous decision, a decade later when some of us have said what chavismo represented BEFORE he was elected!!!

  5. It is still a risk for them, since they could still lose their retirement benefits. Regardless, I'm not sure I understand the motivation for their timing. But it is true, they are settling for being someone who talks about the problems rather than someone who attempts to solve them. Though in this case, the guy inside the military who thinks he can end the Cuban invasion is a fool. At best.

  6. Anonymous2:20 PM

    de Clermont - Chavez has the Cuban military arrive first to avoid the Vz military siding with their countrymen and the side of justice. There would not be any fraternal bond between the Cubans and the Venezuelans - the repression can continue without possible interference due to shared frustrations and love of the real patria. The Vz military must not like this. They are being relegated to second or even third class status, usurped by a small country replete with docile slaves.

  7. AIO, Hi! long time no see you! :)

    You have a point there... he's taking a risk. But I always wonder WHY, oh WHY, do they wait so long to denounce these things??

    It's maybe a vicious circle, because the ones who decided to speak against the regime while they were still active -Plaza Altamira- did not have a 'Plan B' and we all know what happened to them. I also wonder how on earth 'la crème de la crème' of our uniformed men did not know a thing about strategy!!

    Anyway... I don't buy any of this, I'm allergic to anything military. General Rivero maybe did a good job in his last post. But he was not against chavez when he ordered Plan Avila to massacre the civilians on Ap/11. It's a fact -recognized by him, yesterday- that he protected the president and gave him his own bulletproof vest.

    So much for his points of view...

  8. Daniel, why have you not touched the topic of the Santa Clara. The workers are against the expropriation, and there is a lot of termoil. Since I work for the sugar mill, I found it strange that a Yaracuyano would ignore something taking place in his back yard.

  9. Khyber

    I will give you a pass :)

    All workers now know better and no one wants expropriation and state control. It was plain with EXITO, and it is dramatic when you look at the C.O.L. workers that welcomed Chavez with red shirts and who are now bitterly disappointed. Never mind those from SIDOR and other Guyana manufactures....

    I have been writing less about Yaracuy because simply I am too exposed to the local goons if I trash them too often. Look at the local pres and you will know that not one of them is going to defend me the day the Nazional Guard knocks at my door.

  10. Boludo Tejano6:00 PM

    I will give you a pass :)


  11. De todos los militares chavistas el General Antonio Rivero es el único de quién pensaba que era una persona capaz cuando fué director de Defensa Civil, ahora con sus declaraciones veo que yo tenia razón, ojalá no le pase lo de Alvarez Paz y tantos otros
    La Maga Lee

  12. Khyber

    I will give you a pass


  13. Hi Liz! Yes, it seems that both of us are here less frequently than before. Hope you are well.

    Why give Khyber a pass? He already has one...


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