Friday, May 28, 2010

Dizzy with news, and by the stench of rotten food

I am reading that my retreat option, Europe, is going down hill fast since the Greece bankruptcy happened.  I was reading about the strong measures taken already by some countries, including Greece closing down 2/3 of its  town-halls, admittedly small affairs of little use created to provide public jobs sector to remote areas.

In Venezuela I read of no such things, just Chavez gloating that it is the end of capitalism, that the Venezuelan collapse is not affecting its followers, only the opposition that is happy with it.  No measures, nothing, not even firing a responsible party for show.  Instead attacks to Polar, just as we learn horrified that food imported last year for Mercal and PDVAL was never taken out of Puerto Cabello, and went to waste.  It would be 1300 containers, of about 20 to 30 metric tons each.  That is at the very least 26,000 tons of FOOD!  And Polar was accused of hoarding 114 tons of food while the corruption and incompetence of the government allowed to go to waste 228 times that amount.  Is there going to be an investigation?  Will someone go to jail for that?  Will we have at least a minister fired?


  1. I think the only people who will go to jail for that are innocent people.

    Those containers had an importer, someone was paying for them weren't they? The entity paying for them would have an incentive to collect their goods to use or resell.

    Oh wait, except for government that is.

    Must have been imported by one of Hugo's touted and forgotten schemes.

  2. Boludo Tejano4:43 PM

    Is there going to be an investigation?
    Will someone go to jail for that?
    Will we have at least a minister fired?
    A thousand times no.

    Chavista honchos have immunity not only for legal issues, but also for competency issues.

    Which is only fitting. Polar was sabotaging the unloading at Puerto Cabello. Ve haff de prufe!

  3. Venezuelan Patriots Against the Bolivarian Revolution6:47 PM

    Venezuela may soon suffer the same fate as Greece, only this time the people of Venezuela will rise up and overthrow the tyrant that is Hugo Chavez.

    Chavez will one day meet his maker.

  4. No minister fired, some low on the food chain patsy will go to jail for 2 weeks, and that will be it on the food waste.

    He can't afford not to do something, even though everone will know the big fishes "pasan agachao".

    I am afraid that my worst fears are coming true, he gloats because its exactly what he wants.

    "The rope they'll sell us" etc, etc.

    On a brighter note, Daniel, Europe will recover quicker (even Greece) than our Bolivarian Homeland.

  5. Greece is in a horrible, horrible mess. Spain is in a mess. And yet the mess in Venezuela right now is much worse. The only difference is that Greece is within the EU. It feels and the others are annoyed and threatened. People react.
    In Venezuela people think they are rich until they put their hands in their pockets and find nothing.
    As I said before: as long as Venezuelans can dance el meneaíto and the cochinito and whatever and drink beer and rhum, everything is fine and theirs is the richest land on Earth. I would not contradict if it were not because one of my cousins was shot and is hinking, one of my nephews was robbed and beaten, my sister also, one of my best friends luckily survived an operation after being shot at noon in the Avenida Bolivar, a friend's boyfriend was murdered, etc, etc, etc, etc.
    And now Venezuelans are trying to ignore/minimize that and that is simply very wrong as a survival strategy because sooner or later, it will get you.

  6. I totally agree with Kepler on this issue.

    In Venezuela there are many people who are used to living in sub standard conditions and who survive by ignoring things( denial).

    These people will continue to do so because it is the only defense mechanism they know.Others who are less into denial are also in relative states of denial.

    But what is also true is if by some miracle a large percentage of these deniers, get a whiff of the truth and decide to react...when they move( by that I mean react, get angry, stop putting up with, become conscious of etc)their reactions will move mountains, because those who use denial as a defense mechanism are usually very instinctive people who are quite powerful in reality.

  7. What I'll write next is pure speculation but what about if:
    A government friendly importer (with help) had purchased rotten food at pennies on the $ and gotten full price at Cadivi rates. They would have made millions and wouldn't care about the rotten food anyway. Just a thought.


  8. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Does the 9000 tons have to do with Polar confiscations?


  9. sorry, I meant "limping", "beaten up".


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