Friday, May 28, 2010

Why I do not like Facebook

In Facebook you can join the "Save Riley" group (3.590 folks) and give money for a dog with a sad story.

Or you can join the "No al Desalojo de Polar de Barquisimeto" (4.960 folks) who is not asking you for money.

In Caracas you can ignore farmer Brito locked up at a government hospital where they are trying to pass him for crazy for sticking to his hunger strike.

Or you can stand in line at a fancy private clinic to sign a banner for Cerati.

When I think of it, we are actually getting what we deserve .......


  1. Juan Cristobal11:08 AM

    What a curmudgeon. Your disdain for pop culture must not make you very popular. Lighten up! La vida es corta... ;)

  2. gatorgab11:54 AM

    Exactly Daniel. Now you know why we Cubans have had to endure 51 years of the insanity and criminality that is the Castro tyrrany. Fun - isn't it?

  3. Juan Cristobal

    Sorry, but what can I say. I still write my checks with a Waterman fountain pen...

  4. Put me down in the "facebook is for ninnies" column.

    I'm with Dano on this one.

  5. Roger,

    For Ninnies, oh really?

    For the emotionally disabled maybe.

    I keep in touch more easily through facebook with hundreds of friends that I don't have the time to write individually.It takes me 5-10 minutes a day to check it and jot down a line or 2, and come away with the happy feeling that I have connected with some folks I love.I have reconnected with people I had long lost contact with.People I love, and who love me.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Revengeful little fuck, that Juan Cristobal, isn't he?
    I guess his brain stopped developing in High School, given his "pop culture" and "popularity" values.

  7. Cochinita:

    We agree to disagree.

    And it's Robert, not Roger. Porsia.

  8. anonymous

    leaving on the side that you needed to sign anonymous to insult a reader of this blog, i will have you know that i found juan cristobal comment witty and very appropriate for a post which was sketched in tones of dark humor.

    the only one "revengeful" here, for whatever obscure reason, is you.

  9. Well Robert,

    I would never accept that I am a 'ninny' because I use facebook, on the contrary I believe that more intelligent people can use whatever medium they encounter in an intelligent way.It is not WHAT we use, it is HOW we use it that makes tell- tale differences, but:

    For the sake of friendliness and tolerance,and ending a silly debate, I am quite happy to agree to disagree.


  10. Anonymous5:25 AM


    you are right on. I'm with you 100%. How many völlig stupide blogs are there? Is blogging therefore stupid?

    I'm so thankful that Daniel, JC, and Miguel, among others, don't think blogging is for silly ninis.


    Robert, we all realized she meant Robert, porsia.


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