Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Paranoia in chavista Venezuela


Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that all of these attacks that chavismo does compulsively against anyone that looks at them slightly crossed are just political agitprop, that they cannot believe all the crap they say.  But only too often in recent years I come to realize that the self brain washing within chavismo actually works, that these unfortunate people are starting to believe the crap they publish.  Two examples today.

Globovision is hiding news

This one is fresh from AVB, the revamped name of the ABN, the official news agency of the regime who lately writes less and less news and more and more OpEd.  The news here should read that Venezuela is deporting a terrorist to Cuba that was solicited through Interpol by their Cuban branch.  I am in no position to decide whether Francisco Chavez Abarca is a dangerous terrorist.  I never heard of him before or of the "movement" he represents but with so many terrorists in the world, starting with the Chavez supported FARC next door from us, I plead justified ignorance.  I can only applaud that the government is sending to Cuba such a dangerous terrorist ("maxima peligrosidad" we read in the dispatch), and I can only think with unbridled optimism that it is a change in policy and that soon Venezuela will start sending away dangerous terrorist associated with the ETA or the FARC such as Ivan Marquez, yet again signaled by Colombia as hiding inside Venezuela.

But I suppose that this naive interpretation is too obvious and that since we all know that the good terrorists will continue finding haven inside Venezuela, AVN could not underline that aspect.  So what is the news according to them?  That Globovision IS NOT transmitting live the extradition to Cuba to Chavez Abarca.  That is the news for them, not the extradition "Globovisión silencia extradición de terrorista salvadoreño Chávez Abarca" (Globovision silences the extradition of Salvadoran terrorist Chavez Abarca).  You have to wait for the fourth, FOURTH, paragraph to finally have an idea of what Chavez Abarca is all about.

I would point out to AVN to reassure them that I am pretty sure that during some long cadena this week we will be forced to watch all the extradition protocol, they should not worry so much about that and focus themselves on real news.

Update: Sure enough tonight we had a short cadena on the subject. It lasted less than 10 minutes and was presented as a loving documentary with a very compliant terrorist willing to admit everything he was accused for, included time with the press this morning as he was taken to the airport with protective helmet and all.  

Who are we kidding here?  Do they think we are idiots?  Even in the best of cases the US is not as fast as offering detailed videos on terrorists (well, maybe theirs are tougher than the ones we get around here...).  Among the may implausible things: the "terrorist" looked like a gambler recognizing he lost and that was fine with him, he deserved everything; he confessed to all that the government needed him to confess to fit the local propaganda lines;  and he confessed with the barest of prompts; only TELESUR was the media allowed to interview him; he mentioned no one that was supposed to meet him here and pay him his services, that is, Chavez Abarca came here on a simple e-mail to meet some folks at a local watering hole where he would  learn about the country ("universidad" was the code word) so he could suggest (on the spot?) ways to cause trouble...  Was that Oliver Stone in the background directing the cadena?

Blanca Eekhout in her fantasy world

The former minister of communication now running for an assembly seat is simply scandalized that the opposition trivialized the commemorations of our Independence day last Monday. She says:
“la actitud apátrida de la oposición y de ciertos medios de comunicación que banalizaron el 5 de Julio y cuestionaron la presencia de los restos simbólicos de Manuela Sáenz dentro del Panteón Nacional”. The unpatriotic/traitor (no good word for the novel chavista word) attitude of the opposition and some media made banal July 5th and questioned the presence of the symbolic remains of Manuela Saenz inside the National Pantheon.

“La oposición intentó negar nuestra historia. No pueden pretender llegar a la Asamblea Nacional aquellos que denigran de nuestra historia. De manera permanente hay asesoría extranjera dedicada a quebrar el proyecto revolucionario” the opposition tried to negate our history.  They cannot reach to the National Assembly those who denigrate our history.  On a permanent basis there is international advising dedicated to break the revolutionary project.
I trust you will be as speechless as I am after reading that.  Never mind that with my article on the topic in Spanish I am now banned from running for public office in Venezuela since obviously I do not know my history, lie about it, work for a foreign power (where should I send my bill Blanca?) and more, much more I am sure.  With such an impartial judge as Ms. Eehout I am not even allowed to complain.  By the way Blanca, which are your credentials to appoint yourself as an historian?  Just inquiring....

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  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Damm usefull that guy:
    Now we are going to see every $&()/&% people going to jail so they can climb the polls by presenting "proof" of the unlawfull opposition


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