Thursday, July 22, 2010

"putrefactor" - rottenificator

Proposed Monument to the Putrefactor


This is added as a consequence of the comment I left. to open the thread, about what Oliver Stone thinks of such a monument for Chavez.

Thanks to a diligent reader Google maps, this breaker of privacy lists the address of Oliver Stone. From my reader that shall remain anonymous:
Oliver W Stone
1654 Mandeville Canyon Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90049-2524

Google Maps shows the neighborhood with a lot of tennis courts- a good
indication of affluence- and also swimming pools. I then looked up the
appraised value of the property: over $6 million, so it sounds like a

I have not located an e-mail for him.
As I replied to my reader, if you feel like mailing Oliver Stone a print out of this blog post, no insult, no adjective, with my mail address and an invitation to debate with me if he cares, I would be truly thankful.

Note: this is more worthy than what you think.  another reader sends me the links of the debate between Leopoldo Lopez and Oliver Stone at the Huffington post.  I post his mail below fro your enjoyment.

Please see this fascinating exchange that continues to unfold between Oliver Stone and a leading Venezuelan opposition leader.

In the latest column, Venezuelan activist Leopoldo Lopez issued a "friendly challenge" to Stone and invited him to "come live here for several months" in order to witness Venezuela's problems first hand.   The column is here:  <>

The column was written in response to an Oliver Stone opinion piece, titled "Responding to Leopoldo Lopez <> ."   In the piece, Stone argued that criticism of Chavez was misleading and politically motivated.

Lopez had initiated the exchange in a Huffington Post column titled, "Why Oliver Stone is Wrong About Venezuela <> ."

Lopez suggested that Stone "rent an apartment in an ordinary neighborhood.   Drive your own car, use taxis or public transportation. Don't use a bodyguard.  Don't rely on privileges that the average Venezuelan wouldn't have access to.  If it is possible, live as though you have no relationship with President Chavez."

Lopez added, "After that, we can have an honest conversation about what is happening in my country, and what we can do to give people the opportunities they deserve."

Leopoldo Lopez is one of the leading voices of the Venezuelan political opposition.  As the National Coordinator of Voluntad Popular, Lopez is the architect of a powerful new movement that promises to unite Venezuelans behind an alternative vision of democracy, free enterprise and social change.
You know, I will never tire to says that readers are what makes the worth of a blog, truly!  Thanks guys!


  1. If anyone has the e-mail of oliver stone, please forward.

  2. Oliver Stone's production company does not appear to have a registered internet domain. However, here is the address:

    Ixtlan Productions
    12233 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 322
    Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA

    Phone: 310.826.7080
    Fax: 310.826.7090

    Best of luck. Sorry to see how Venezuela is being destoryed by one mans hubris.

  3. Expropriate Stone's estate and see how fast he'd scream like a stuck pig. It's easy to be a socialist if you know nobody's coming for YOUR property.

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Este Weil si la pegó! La Maga Lee


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