Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chavez breaks with Colombia for reasons of "dignity"

Now, the not surprising announcement might have carried some seriousness had it been pronounced without the presence of noted narco Maradona. I mean, please... if you are talking about "dignity" be dignified!!!!

So, receiving Argentina failed technician at the World Cup, famous football player and famous ex (?) drug addict Maradona, Chavez replied to the accusations by Colombia that there are at least 87 camps inside Venezuela that are or were safe haven fr FARC and ELN guerrilla.  The video is from Globovision, as a rebroadcast of whatever VTV signal is since they are the only ones allowed near Chavez.  Observe, for fun, even if you do not understand Spanish, the Chavez show.

Now, I am not expert on how to detect terrorist bases though I have heard with my own ears Chavez supporting the FARC (you know, the "now you see, now you don't" game).  So I tend to believe that for Colombia to accuse Chavez today at the OAS means that at least half of what they showed is verifiable.

Regardless of what is true, the response is not to cut relations with Colombia.  That way Chavez falls in the trap set by Uribe, reusing any international commission to visit the alleged sites to verify that the Colombian accusations are baseless.  And thus, to international opinion admitting that he has something to hide.  What  exactly does Chavez has to hide?  Who cares, he needs to hide it!  Maradona playing the role of the court jester in all of this........

A new low in chavista diplomacy has been reached.  Oh well....


Links for more:

The BBC reports that some diplomats at the OAS were sorry that the Colombian delegate did not limit himself to the evidence and instead could not resist from criticism of Venezuelan internal matters.  I mean, they are risible and worthy of criticism, but I agree, that was not the time to do so.  They also observed that Chaderton, the Venezuelan OAS ambassador also preferred to criticize Uribe rather than offer any serious reply.

Tal Cual notes the lack of arguments of Chavez, limiting himself to attack Uribe ad suggest that he might be preparing a last minute aggression to Venezuela...

El Clarin of Argentina stresses that Maradona was next to Chavez....


  1. Marypuchy10:51 PM

    What stood out for me the most were the kids standing behind Maradona waiting fo an autograph while Chavez was ranting......... The only thing missing was the clown makeup!

    When he appeared a little while later on VTV for some sports university graduation ceremony, he seemed to me to be sedated.

    Poor Maradona,..... I'm sure he's upset because of that big party pooper Uribe droped on Chavez.

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    The only way Chavez could have looked more guilty of the Colombian accusations was if, instead of Maradona, he had been standing next to Alfonso Cano, Osama Bin Laden, the heads of ETA and IRA, and statues of Hitler, Stalin, Satan and Cthulhu while breaking up relationships with Colombia.

  3. marypuchi

    the vtv show became a cadena....

  4. Bob Sacamano4:38 AM

    For the love of Jeebus, what's next?
    With a hand on your heart, Daniel, don't you believe that if someone have pulled the trigger on Chávez on April 2001 things would be much better for Venezuela right now?

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Bob, the things would have been a lot worse if the scenario you proposed had taken place.
    We would be in a civil war, because thats what happened to Colombia and thats what the actual goverment seeds in the minds of its followers.


    Come on the only reason Maradona is there is because of all the coke being exported from venezuela!! He need to restock after the world cup!!

  7. Bob Sacamano2:31 AM

    I beg to differ... IMHO, all that is just the folklore that Chávez wants to impose on everyone "if you kill me, Hell will open", etc, etc, etc.
    Hell is already loose in Venezuela, you don't need any dead Chávez for that.


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