Saturday, July 17, 2010

Uno puede morir dos veces

La primera vez por la muerte, la segunda por la pena ajena.


  1. Lo siento, tengo tanta vergüenza por mi país que no pude ni ver el video ni escuchar las estupideces de Chávez narrándolo. No puedo escribir sobre este momento tan, pero tan vil de nuestra historia. El problema aquí no es que Chávez pidió que se destape el feretro, es que se lo dejaron hacer. Que pueblo tan vil somos.

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Chavez must have hit a new PR low to have played this card. I'm sure it was reserved for an emergency. The good thing is I don't think its working, nobody has forgotten the PUDREVAL debacle.

  3. Hola Daniel,

    I do not know if this is the shorted post from you ever.
    But..... what a great post. In a few words to show the feeling and emotion of normal people.

    The absurdity of these chavistas who do not know when to stop.


  4. Es que quieren ver si hay mas exsemplares de la espada de Bolivar adentro.

  5. Exactly. Shame is too little to define my feelings after what I saw yesterday. Of all the sad spectacles we have seen so far, this is the most pathetic and sickening.

    Man, we're so screwed...

  6. Acabo de ver el video y no puedo contener mi indignación, qué estado de circo!

  7. Yo no entiendo por qué les molesta tanto. El caudillo degenerado obviamente necesita un hueso del libertador para hacerse una 'contra', pues el devenir no luce bien. Ni sabemos si esos huesos son de quien se cree sean, ni debe ser causa de alteración que los chavistas demuestran cuan primitivo su culto es. La verdad es que el golpista va a necesitar de todos lo babalaos, iluminaos, santeros, y demas impostores espirituales que lo rodean para salvarse de lo que le viene.

  8. Parece que Ustedes no entienden lo que esta ocuriendo. El comandante esta en busca de la ADN de Bolivar para crear su sucesor que estara listo para remplazarlo como en 20 anos.

  9. AB

    Esto no es el punto en discusión. El punto es que vivimos en un país donde se permite que un desgraciado haga lo que le da la gana. Eso no es cuestión de babalaos, brujerías o memoria histórica. Es que ese desgraciado tiene ya años queriendo jurungar la tumba de bolívar solo porque le da la perra gana y se lo han permitido.

    Somos un país de mierda.

  10. Ponche Sandino7:39 PM

    From commenter Eric» Fri, 07/16/2010 - 21:43 at Caracas Chronicles: Occam’s Razor:
    So, what you saw last night (between 1am and 3am, in fact -- what anglos call the wtiching hour -- was Chavez embracing, fondling the bones of his mythical antepasado, from whom, let us not forget, he is reincarnated. And what this means is that he is using "paleros", an offshoot of santería, who "work" with the dead, and who according to Chavez's belief system, will help him ward off evil spirits and destroy his enemies. For people in santería, paleros are no joke.
    For the rest of us this is an unprecedented descent into the dark, primitive underbelly of Venezuelan life. And it says that Chavez is honest-to God scared to death these days. And people that scared are very very dangerous. We lost our broadband (ABA) access for four hours this morning, and again for two hours around noon. I think they're fine-tuning the next steps of repression, which will target our ability to communicate with one another. It was just a matter of time.

    Nails it.

  11. Yo estoy de acuerdo con Daniel.

    Al carajo se le metió en la mente que quería abrir el ataud de Bolívar y lo dejan.

    No hay sociedad de la historia que se le pare, AN que le diga qué qué vaina es esa, nada.

    Lo hace, y, para más colmo, lo pasa por TV.

    Que alguien me explique, porqué es que tiene que hacerlo de noche?

  12. Anonymous10:52 PM


    "Somos un país de mierda", is the notion I came to embrace ages ago, and reason why I decided any sort of resistance is futile. There is no turning back...
    we Somos un país de mierda...

    that sums it up quite succintly


  13. ponche sandino

    i do not think we should look at this pathetic charade or sceance under just that light. this is about a crazed person doing whatever he wants with the holiest of what defines us as a nation, US VENEZUELANS, not chavista or antichavista, and that no one dares to stop him.

    you cannot conceive of obama deciding that he wants to take out the Independence declaration with his hands to make himself a scan because, well, he is the only one to be trusted with that, because previous copies were made by people he did not like.

    but you can conceive that if khomeini or osama bin laden had their chance they would have put their hands on the qabba stone. but they could not because not even the saudi royal family dares to disturb the sacred stone, and if they were to do that they certainly would not do it with a video camera in the background.

    there are certain things that if you are a normal person you do not do or prefer to resign from your office before doing. those that accept such things end up as concentration camp guards.

  14. This is a tradition of tyrants.

    Mullah Omar wearing the prophet's robe:

    Caligula wearing the breastplate of Alexander:

    ...there are countless examples.

  15. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Eso se llama sacrilegio y lo de que saco el sarcofago a las 3 de la manana eso fue por pura paleria.

  16. Now that Chavez is going to build a new Pantheon to house the certified remains of The Liberator, perhaps he will consider returning the old building to its rightful owner? I am sure bishop Urosa will be pleased to rededicate the Holy Trinity church "intervenida" in 1874 by Guzman Blanco. But why does it always have to be a Spaniard: one resurrecting Bolivar in Caracas, another walking the mummy of the dictator in Havana. Can't they just accept they lost 1n 1898?

  17. No doubt futile and bizarre, not to mention that it should be illegal.However:

    TO ME THE WORST " MIERDA" is not this...the worst mierda has to do with the bad ethics of so many people who hook themselves into the money making machine, and pretend to be media Chavista in order to survive with the flimsy excuse that they have no choice.

    The worst ethics in Venezuela are all tied into the lie that people are victims and have no choices when in reality they just don't like choices that are not easy.This creates, maintains and encourages Chavez...

  18. Anonymous3:59 PM

    No, el pais no es una mierda, el pais es bello. Las MIERDAS son todos los politicos tanto de un lado como del otro, los militares de cualquier uniforme, la an, y todos los que no se atrevieron a decirle NO. A ver si después de este sacrilegio alguién tendrá los riñones para reunir a todos en contra de este loco. La Maga Lee

  19. I dunno, I just dunno, any chance Hugo has cut a 5K BD for Castro's heart when and if?

  20. Marypuchy6:47 PM

    I can only say that this is truly bizarre.............. The amount of ignorant people here(Venezuela) are mind boggling! You are here surrounded by a vast sea of ignorance.

    The only thing I find in a positive way by this spectacle, showing the rotten bones of Simon Bolivar, is that it reminds us all that he(Bolivar) is dead! Dead!! DEAD!!!

    It is so very sad to watch before my very own eyes the self destruction of this state. It is even more sad to watch the Venezuelans not do anything about it. The Venezuelans are such a weak, pitiful people as a whole. This place is helpless has no chance at all in recovering anytime in the near future or possibly forever.

    The coming elections on 26th September will be a farce. The oppisition is a sham. There are no leaders whatsoever. I have many, many chavista friends who would love to vote for someone else other than Chavez but there is nobody else worthy of a vote............

    They are humiliated by having to stand in endless lines for food banks, etc.... One should see the lines at the ''PityVAL'' trucks daily on the main street where I am living. These people have no shame. Especially the government workers!

    OT. Has anyone else here noticed the amount of obese folks nowadays in Venezuela? I used to notice more than anything the amount of attractive women you'd see around town. This revolution is detstroying the beautiful women too!........ Consuming too much ''super pollo'' is my guess...... Unless of course, you considor bolt on titties being attractive.

  21. Marypuchy:

    Tell your chavista friends who want to vote for someone else to do just that. VOTE FOR SOME ONE OTHER THAN THE CHAVISTA CANDIDATES.

    Why? TEll them to look around at what is in front of their eyes.

    Hey, so there's no super candidate in shining armor before them? TFB!

    Want to continue in this direction or do you want a shot at fixing the mess? Are the chavistas gonna fix the mess? No, no they are not.

    Pretty easy decision. Voto Nulo is a vote for Chavez. SO go VOTE against him and his train of co*o 'e madres!

  22. Marypuchy3:43 AM


    Blind people can not see!........... That is what you do not seem to NOT understand!...... It is a grave problem that has no end in sight!

    This place is cursed by the devil!

    The people in general have no couth whatsoever. These folks are self-serving and have no commen interest for the good of the people or state for that matter.

    It is hopeless!


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