Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Chavez and Uribe in French

So I went ahead and wrote on the fast in French a summary of the recent Colombia Venezuela spat, at the leftist central of Agoravox.  It is important to note that even if in a few hours I received more than 100 comments finding different ways to insult me, the editors know better than caving in to this hysterical French far left and keep publishing "controversial" articles.

Be nice, if you read French visit, register, vote for the article and even leave a comment in Spanish or English.  You will have the pleasure to read briefly thereafter a reply from my critics that I am bringing in my empire paid chorus, or something of the sort :)


  1. Oh, you "lacayo del Empiro". Now with your fat commission and Bs.F 5 you can buy a cafe con leche.

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Don't worry Daniel the French tend to have a split personality.
    Somewhere between God and the devil.
    They have done very many good things, but when acting as God they are consumed by their own glory, consequentially a lack of vision and misunderstanding for the misfortunes of others. On the other hand they coined the phrase "Off with his head".
    No Frenchman could comprehend or live in the depravity of this regime without putting a gun to his own head or the heads of others.
    As an European, from the old school and living in Venezuela, I am constantly amazed by the inability of citizens of other countries (not Governments, they are indifferent) to understand the downward spiral bestowed on the citizens of another country by a dictatorial regime. They always have an excuse.
    This time unlike the aid the French gave to the U.S. in their time of need I fear we are on our own. Perhaps this is proper.
    Retain your sanity and keep up the good work.
    I do speak French and read all the comments.
    -- Don't let the buggers bite you--!


  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    from de Clermont - I got a good laugh when I read the "Ducon" nickname one of the respondents gave you. It is not that it is so creative, but after reading several surprisingly mind-numbingly misguided commentaries the sheer adolescent immaturity struck me as appropriate for those who were sharing their thoughts. Well written article by the way, but then again you are cught in the middle of the morass so you have bird's eye view.

  4. Oh, no, no, no...I did it once or twice but not this time, no patience. :-)

    Thanks, Daniel, for spreading the message in French. Not for nothing you still have the underground station of Stalingrad in Paris. There is also a Stalingrad Avenue in Brussels...there is this section of the French speaking world that is really living in some weird world.

    Just this weekend my girlfriend brought me a Monde Diplomatique. I have known the newspaper for ages but I had never bought one. There was a two-page article by notorious "journalist" Lemoine on crime in Venezuela.
    The guy is so shameless...crime in Venezuela is, according to him, a complot from the right to undermine Venezuela. They added a map that is a job. Apparently, Venezuela is just chock-a-block with right-winged paramilitaries...puke, puke, puke (apologies, I'm just remembering)

    I will comment on the LMD article this weekend. Suffice it to say: it is completely dégueulasse.


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