Sunday, August 01, 2010

Chavez secretly sends troops to the Colombian border

Chavez said: (my emphasis)
"Hemos desplegado unidades para defender nuestra soberanía en caso de una agresión. Unidades de defensa aérea, unidades aéreas, unidades de infantería, de operaciones especiales; en silencio porque no queremos agredir a nadie ni queremos causar alarma en las poblaciones"
"We have deployed units to defend our sovereignty in case of aggression.  Units of aerial defense, aerial units [?], infantry units, of special operations; silently because we do not want to attack anyone nor cause alarm in the population"
aarghhh, cough, cough, hahahahhahahahah....

[a relative found the author of this blog convulsing on the floor in what seemed an extraordinary attack of laughter.  The relative took the liberty to post this anyway hoping readers will be kind enough to understand]


  1. Boludo Tejano6:07 AM

    Perhaps Thugo is finally going to do something about the foreign aggression on Venezuelan territory- the FARC. Sarc, sarc.

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    What do you want to bet they are "secretly" positioned too? So no one saw or heard them go and no one knows where they are.

    Last time it was just one big traffic jam and a great joke!

    Can anyone attest that any troops even went?

    The only thing that happens in silence in Venezuela is the theft of the country.

  3. How will fate intervene?

    Here we find another evil melodrama to rouse and twist emotions.However sometimes there appears a fine line between tragedy and melodrama and sometimes there is a "Chavez" who makes sure there is not.Then suddenly
    Rotfl becomes an act of self defense.

    "Where one has knowledge of being or becoming a victim but has no control over it occurring"

    " Chavez " knows that maybe it’s just a state of mind, but also that it counts for so much for those who get into his spirit.

    Chavez has become the quintessentially modern savior/"rebel" monster that both the right and the left can hate.Whether it be as a communist or as a fascist, the' State' or the' people'..he is saving us from all other monsters ;)

    Who dares set it to music ? For this is music theater from Hell.

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Am I the only one who read that and instantly imagined three guys wearing matching "urban ninja" outfits trying to sneak a cardboard cutout of a Sukhoi fighter plane through the streets of Táchira while the Pink Panther theme plays in the background?

  5. I have serious question.
    Does the Venezuelan military have the logistical capability to wage war longer than a day? A week? A month?

  6. Roger4:09 PM

    His hope in all this is that he can cancel the elections that, as we all know, are run by the army. If the army is fighting a "war" they can't run the election. Right? As usual nobody is taking the bait. These troops he is sending better be silent very silent. Were talking jungle warfare and close air support, if you got it! The best weapons platform is probably the river gunboat or Swift Boat ala John Kerry as much of the border is the Orinoco River. More likely they are just going to setup a few machine guns at the border crossings and close to the panderias.

  7. anonymous,


  8. Anonymous4:37 AM

    ¿Es esto secreto? entonces todo el mundo se enteró, porque Chacumbele habla demasiado, cuando uno habla tanto es como quién tiene frio, no controla el tiriteo, ya para aquél es el miedo. La Maga Lee

  9. Oh cmon guys, don't be so nasty, for Chavez's war tactics are improving! Last time round he sent 10 battalions in a week day, and a couple of protesting taxi drivers -the CIA was behind it- botched the attempt. This time though, he is doing so secretly, on a Saturday, so the glorious and invincible Bolivarian army won't encounter any road blockages in its march to victory.

  10. As he has so aptly demonstrated here, Chavez is incapable of doing anything "silently." Bocon.

    Chavez: "Uribe está lleno de odio. Para Uribe la paz es una 'trampita'." And "paz" with the opposition? Is that a "trampita"?

    "Chávez insistió en que la política de Uribe "es un incendio que se ha expandido hacia nuestras fronteras." And la politica de Chavez es un incendio that extends far beyond its neighboring countries. Just ask Honduras, which is still burning - with a fire that he helped start, and refuses to help put out.

    'Aseguró que "no nos van a llevar bajo chantaje a una guerra".' Right, because that's Hugo's plan. He's hoping to coerce some Colombian military guy into a misstep, where he can then play the victim - and he's probably hoping Venezuelan blood will be spilled to help his case.

  11. capitankane10:59 AM

    LOL at AB. Great comment. It's a pity Joseph Heller isn't still alive. Yossarian would have had a hoot in Venezuela! :)

  12. The Center for Economic and Policy Research, specifically Marc Weisbrot, admits that Venezuela territory is regularly used for terrorist training and supply and that Venezuelan authorities have done little to counter this loss of sovereignty in the border areas.

    "guerillas and paramilitaries have been crossing the 2,000 kilometer border with Venezuela – much of it dense jungle, mountains and all kinds of difficult terrain – for decades. There is no evidence that anything has changed recently."



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