Friday, August 13, 2010

From Cardinal Urosa to Fidel Castro all agree: XXI century socialism is a mere rewarmed communism

Among the amount of news hard to follow there was a series of items that I could not write om.  But here is this great cartoon of Edo that gives me the summary I needed.

In short. 

Cardinal Urosa declared that many of the latest laws voted in a hurry by the Nazional Assembly were designed to install Communism in Venezuela.  If one knows what Communism is, it is the Catholic Church.  Chavez did not like it and started insulting Urosa and the Catholic Church abundantly.  Then the Nazional Assembly chimed in and demanded that he came to defend his opinions.  Initially as the Assembly was in a roar he declined stating that security conditions were not adequate.  The Assembly got even more furious but eventually cooled down some and Urosa visited.

The agreement was that the "interpelación" would be broadcast live.  But at the last minute, once Urosa had arrived, the Assembly said that no, no live cameras allowed, that a version would be broadcast later. Trapped, Urosa went ahead anyway.

It seems that the meeting went as well as one could have expected in the circumstances, and Urosa must have given quite a few show stoppers because the Assembly never fulfilled its promise to rebroadcast later the meeting.  Still, Cilia Flores said that the meeting went well and that each side respected each other.  Apparently that was not to Chavez liking and after a couple of days Silly Flowers had reversed herself 180º, insulting Urosa and the Church again.  Chavez knows that any mark of civility in Venezuela is negative for his project of eliminating the other side.

That could have stayed there but it did not.  Lo'n behold, a set of state "journalists" (VTV) went to Cuba to interview the zombified Fidel Castro.  One of them, ineffable Vanessa Davies already cited in this blog, asked him point blank what was Socialism today.  Fidel replied point blank that it was Communism.

Voila!  From the not so baby's mouth!

No reactions yet form chavismo, nor Silly Flowers and even less Chavez as Fidel in half a dozen words killed yeas of chavista propaganda.

Hence the cartoon of Urosa wondering aloud whether Fidel will called to account for his words at the Nazional Assembly just as he was, for stating the obvious.


Courtesy from Alpha, the video with Fidel's word on socialism=communism and that Colombia will not attack Venezuela.


  1. I have not found a SHORT video excerpt of Fidel moment when he declares the socialism=communism. If any one has it, please let me know to include it at the end of the post. Meanwhile you can find the long endless version of the interview of Fidel at AB blog

  2. Hola Daniel,

    I think this is the clip you are searching for. Castro says that socialism is communism. The clip is only 1 minute.


  3. Sorry i see that I forget to past the link!



  4. Thanks Alpha. Put it up.

    I need to get used to consult "La Patilla" more often.

  5. La Patilla really does have interesting information! Caracas Chronicles had something about them just a few days ago.

  6. Nica

    I did not mean to say that La Patilla was no good, just that I have only so much time available for blogging everyday and I have thus a hard time adding new "mandatory" reading :)


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