Friday, August 13, 2010

Quote of the day

If ignoring the facts about Mr. Chávez is a requirement for sending an ambassador to Caracas, then it would be better not to have one.

Concluding today's Washington Post editorial. Hear! Hear!


  1. Milonga1:31 PM

    The twit from the Venezuelan Embassy in Us to this editorial was: "The Washington Post's never-ended quest to be as right-wing as possible in its editorials never ceases to shock us". They never have an argument, they always criticize the messenger, methinks one day soon the word "right-wing" will not be rotten as they make it. P.S. I don't follow the Embassy - there's a page now in the WP online showing twits from governments and famous all over the world.

  2. Milonga

    They are ALL the same inside chavismo, Izarra, Montiel, Cilia, Bernardo Alvarez,etc.... That is the only way they can survive and keep cashing, putting in their brain the paranoia pre recorded tape (not even a chip, they are too atrasados for that, a tape suffices).


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