Monday, August 16, 2010

Now Tal Cual will be sued too, but still no news about how chavismo will deal with crime

Chavismo really lacks any sense of ridicule.  They did not like that Tal Cual published that picture today again and thus this afternoon we learn that a law suite will be filed against Tal Cual.  Probably a photocopy of the one filed against El Nacional today.  But that is not all.

Chavez party tried to reply today through one of the most idiotic sycophants it has, Hector Navarro.  I mean, they had to use him to have the nerve to state the following excuses:

  • It is the fault of the 4th republic because the thugs acting out today were born and raised then. False of course; the thugs of today might have been born before 1999 but they did learn their trade during the Chavez decade.
  • He wondered aloud how come people do not wonder that the states with the most crimes are those in hand of the opposition.  False, on THREE counts.  First, as the most populated ones and those with the highest urban density it is "normal" that they will show more crime than smaller more rural states.  Second, for at least 4 of the last 8 years two of these states, Carabobo and Miranda, were held by chavismo.  And third, the regime has made sure through budget cups and restriction of weaponry and action ranges that the police of these states can perform a good job (true also for chavista states as the regime wants to control everything).
  • He is also sure that the new socialist men being born and raised will solve the problems in a few years, certainly of little solace for those about to lose loved ones while they wait for the socialist man.

People like Navarro, if they did not exist we should invent them for fun!  Hold tight, this profound thinker has been minster of education and universities.  Ripley it or not.


  1. He was born in the 4th republic, therefore his point is moot.

  2. Boludo Tejano10:56 PM

    Turn the photo into T-shirts. If there were tens of thousands wearing T-shirts with morgue photos, what could Thugo do?

  3. 1979 Boat People12:28 AM

    Boludo Tejano,

    Well, Thugo would force goverment employees to wear Che T-shirts.

  4. Charly1:21 AM

    "He is also sure that the new socialist men being born and raised will solve the problems in a few years."

    Right, just like the Nazi "new men" did. Fascism with the creole twist.

  5. Or arrest the wearers for "disturbing the peace," or whatever they call that crazy "crime" these days. Imagine what they would do to the t-shirt vendors.

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

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