Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 Voluntad Popular putting in check 300 CICPC agents

CICPC demanding respect!  Hahahah!
We have to admire the group Voluntad Popular formed by Leopoldo Lopez and a few people from different groups and lot of young people.  Ignored by the MUD opposition umbrella group under the excuse that "they came in late", denied access to media for quite a while until finally Leopoldo went back to Globovision, accused of division making and what not, it runs out that they are doing a lot of the stuff that the opposition campaign should be doing and does not.  And yet, as far as I know I am not sure that Voluntad Popular even has a couple of candidates....

Today for example as the regime clamps down on El Nacional and Tal Cual and the MUD is responding at a glacial speed, Voluntad Popular simply sent a handful of supporters to the CICPC (our FBI like thing) to demand that the crime numbers be published by the government, something that the regime has stopped publishing since 2005.  At least numbers that are credible, that can be audited and that bear comparison with numbers from many ONG.  In case you doubt that the picture published in the front page of El Nacional and Tal Cual deeply embarrassed and thus angered the regime, look at the official CICPC reaction.  They refused to receive the letter from Voluntad Popular.  They formed a human barrier with about 300 CICPC employees to block the entrance of the building (who was watching fro our safety while they were all hanging out at the front door?).  And that was not all: about 50 bikers arrived claiming that they ha been sent from the interior ministry to block the activity.  Since the human barrier was in place they just stayed there to watch as spectators, confirming that they are just plain mercenaries as the CNN controversial documents "Los Guardianes de Chavez" could suggest, to the great ridicule of Izarra hyena like laugh, of which he will never recover politically.
Carlos Vecchio surrounded by more journalists and CICPC agents than supporters.  Observe the dangerous yellow folder he carried and that the CICPC refused to receive.

Clearly, a dozen of Voluntad Popular petitioners reminded all of us that the security apparatus of the sate has now been deeply politicized, fully incorporated into the legions of Chavez sycophants, thus fully explaining their incompetence, and the wave crime of Venezuela, no matter what assholes likes Navarro would like us to believe.  What El Nacional picture did was to rub their faces into their incompetence and lies and thus why they are so upset these days.  El Universal's note delighted in underlining how nervous was the CICPC officer sent to Vecchio ot tell him to bug off, that Vecchio would not succeed in politicizing the CICPC just as the human barrier was chanting pro Chavez tunes.

A copy of one of PDVAL lost containers

In another event a few days ago Voluntad Popular went to the People' Ombudsman to protest her lack of action in defending the people from such abuses as the rotten of food (she was way diligent on the other hand in trying to silence El Nacional).  Voluntad Poplar this time took a cardboard replica of a container of rotten food to illustrate the magnitude of the loss (they should have added a shopping art next to it, but that is another story).  As usual chavismo showed total lack of creativity in their response, limiting themselves in trying to hide it with a placard of some silly "desarollo endogeno" (which we wonder what the heck it was doing inside the Ombudsman office).  Meanwhile, time passes, we are up to 130,000 tons of food lost and no REAL responsible has been indicted, only three insignificant scapegoats.

Definitely, all the creativity is with the student movement and Voluntad Poplar that knows how to bring them in.  I am more impressed each day with their actions.

Just as a little bit of contrast: today the woman director of the Bello Monte morgue of the infamous picture went out with her own declarations.  Carmen Julieta Centeno made a political speech with all her personnel behind, saying that the government was doing all sorts of marvelous things (not showing them, an easy thing to do by taking a Globovision camera inside) and saying that, hold tight, the lack of personnel was due that no MD wanted to study for that job.  I mean, Carmen Julieta, with the glamorous CSI series on TV, how come you do not find MD to work for you?  Think about it for a second.  Why would they work for a political bitch like you for a miserable salary when they could go to a private clinic or even a different country where they will get more respect, better working conditions and more money?  PS: comes with quite a video of Carmen Julieta!  From VTV!  All a media manipulation!  Something never seen at VTV of course....


  1. Juan Cristobal had the same idea of writing about Carmen Julieta performance, different approach, same bitchy result.


  2. Anonymous10:21 PM


    I have read your blog for a long time now and I must say the level of anger in your last few post is higher than ever.

  3. barqui

    is there any reason why i should be joyful and relax? maybe you know some FARC friends of hugo who could provide me with better material to snort?

  4. Anonymous11:31 PM


    The situation has not been good for a long time but your level of frustration and anger is higher than before. It is just an observation. An observation without implying that you should be joyful or feel otherwise. I am curious if any one event nudged you in this direction. God knows I have been there for a long time.

  5. Island Canuck12:47 AM

    How can the MUD respond when they are all here in Margarita on vacation. Remember it's August.

    Just kidding he says with tongue in cheek.

  6. Here's how the govt. deals with violence.


    No response but to crack down on one of the tools that could be used, if they had any intelligence, by our govt. to begin to reduce crime and violence.

    What a farce! Cuerda 'e inutiles!

  7. Upon reflection, Anon's comment is valid.

    There was a time, when discussions about the Government were humorous or mocking. That is changing into a quiet yet deep anger that is building. Even when mocking the government, it is done without any real humor behind it.

    Daniel's tone is a valid reflection of the mood of the public in Venezuela.

  8. I'm glad they are doing that.
    I was happy also to read Leopoldo had been traveling in the province.
    He was even in Apure. That is "Where no Oppo Has Gone Before".
    Kudos for them.

    If only we had more coordination between VP, UNT, PJ, AD, COPEI and the other 397 parties we have in the MUD...that would be something.

  9. I'm ecstatic that folks are getting angry.

    If they were antiparabolica I would worry about their resonance with reality.

    I have been burning since 99


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