Monday, September 27, 2010

Chavez in cadena

So he started his cadena. After all he did not show up yesterday and he certainly needs to do something to stem the bad press.  So he does a cadena where he explains arcane numbers without addressing the crux of the matter, that is, the gerrymandering that gave him the majority he has today.  But he certainly senses that this would not do in front of the foreign press, even if sympathetic.  So, as usual refusing to take questions from the press which he subjects to a prolonged sit-down while he perorates at will, he comes back to elemental fantasies such as challenging the opposition to call a recall election.  Like a stupid kid dare.

Well, he is certainly considering the foreign press as a set of dumb-asses since even if the opposition were declaring today they will that go for a recall election it would take at the very least 6 months to take place.  Any journalist that will inquire will find out about that, in addition of learning of the Tascon List which has killed that constitutional feature for good.  In 6 months from now, if all goes well, there would barely a year an half left of Chavez term.  What would be the point?

Not forgetting that there are delayed communal election already two years late, that a few mayors need to be elected, etc, etc...  Why spend all of your meager resources in a traumatic recall election that you cannot win (the opposition needs to get more votes than Chavez got in 2006, something that it does not have even if it has a majority today) when you can keep inflicting significant setbacks to Chavez elsewhere at less cost?

In short, a silly exercise by Chavez whose target is not the foreign press but the idiotic strati of his followers who are suddenly discovering that Chavez is a mere cheat....

PS: I did not want to watch the cadena and I switched to CNN.  And within minutes they started transmitting the cadena!!!  until they got bored and realized it was the usual rant they have been subjected so many time already and we switched to a special on Ingrid Betancourt.  Appropriate no?, as we are hostages to Chavez....

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