Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chavez in campaign

Chavismo electoral campaigns are not what they used to be.  This picture in Tal Cual tells us how distant the president is getting and how sloppy his staff is getting.

In no particular order:

  • The armored truck with probably a trap for Chavez to slide it in easily.  Not that I reproach him his security arrangement, he is the president after all, but if Chavez claims the opposition is always trying to kill him and that the opposition does not dare to campaign in slums of his adoring followers, what is he afraid of?  Or am I the only one in seeing that contradiction within his speech?
  • It is a legislative election, remember?  You can easily recognize Chavez, you can easily see all sorts of cameramen putting up for prosperity the glories of the beloved leader but you can barely make out where the candidates are.
  • Red shirted sanitary cordon on each side to make sure the beloved Supremo is, well, whatever...
  • AND THE FUCKING TRASH that the advance team was not able to collect or hide!!!!!!  Eleven years in office and trash piles up in popular areas as if nothing ever happened....
Tal Cual writes that when Chavez is asked by the crowd about such problems as the garbage his reply has been "back after the 26" or something to that effect.....


  1. torres8:45 PM

    I like the woman on the right, looking back. Clearly not the hypnotized trance of a fan base that can't get enough of their idol.

  2. The worst of the trash is actually ON the red truck, not on the ground!

  3. robert

    good one! i did not think of that one! you are banned from the reader section for having better ideas than mine!!!!

  4. Thanks! Every now and then the pig finds an acorn!

    Are you channeling Chavez now?

  5. Hombre, esto parece un cuadro de Goya.
    Excelente foto.

  6. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Is it me or are there more people protecting Chavez than trying to meet him?

    @Kepler: I was thinking Dali, rather than Goya.

  7. anonymous

    although dali would work, kepler is right, there is a goya quality in the drama....

  8. Vote for the ¨good life¨ and get more trash with the caravan of trash.


  9. De la serie Los Desastres del Caudillismo, la obra Chávez come a sus hijos.

    Every detail...amazing, es para cubrir toda una pared en El Prado.

  10. And yet, Chavez manages to look "Rubenesque", no?

  11. Anonymous8:15 PM

    "Hugo, devouring his children" ?

    it could be...
    marc in calgary

  12. Roger2:33 AM

    He should of come on a garbage truck!

  13. snook724:52 AM

    I would like to see someone light a loud fire cracker in the crowd...one with a big bang and see how many of those red shirt actually stay standing and protecting chavez.

    My money is on they would all hit the ground or scatter.


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