Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who does Weil has in mind?

Cilia Flores?  Diosdado Cabello?  His wife?  Dario Vivas?....

Vote for him!

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  1. Luis Reyes Reyes? Pedro Carreño? Blanca Eckaout? Arias Cardenas?

    The list is endless but the point is still the same: A vote for the PSUV is a vote fpr puppets thatn will not care at all for their constituents.

    PS: The picture of Chavez doing campaign is just sad. The king, who is surrounded by disaster, minding his own business and not caring for the trash at all. Also, the Chavez candidate looks so lost (Amorin, el chamin Mario Silva wanna-be of Petare).


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