Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Electrical lies of micomandantepresidente, the rationing that hides its name

Your beloved intrepid blogger is back in town and to try to recover from the shock in Caracas after weeks of organized countries, low crime, delicious food, etc...  he tried to go to one of his two favorite pastry shops of Caracas.  You know, to soften the blow, the more so that Spanish cuisine is good but its pastries really suck, thus it would be a good transition.

So I arrived at Pandoro (home of the best Venezuelan made panettone, I will not take discussion on that) to buy pasta seca de almendra for tea time.  Kind of dry assorted biscuits with a touch of marzipan, very good there, excellent to dunk in coffee or tea.

It was closed!!  On a Tuesday.  Thinking it might be a yearly closing for vacation or something I looked at the posted signs and no, it was not a normal closing, it was a forced closing because of electric rationing.  Top bill "racionamiento electrico".  The two bottom bills are placards from the electric company when you are a good guy (in green) and when you become a bad guy (in red) so all know you are a bad guy and can be punished in whichever patriotic way your customers prefer.

Now, the problem here is that a couple of months ago the vice president Elias Jaua made a big production of visiting the Guri dam and said that thanks to micomandantepresidente rain maker and light of the world the water level had fully recovered, that water had to be thrown away now and that the electrical crisis was solved.  Or something to that effect.  And yet, with the Guri full, rationing is back in Caracas and shops must close on occasion, in particular a bakery shop because there is no way they can cut down on electrical consumption since their main item is the electric oven: it is on, or it is off because bread cooks always at the same temperature.

So there you have here, the incompetence of the government in delivering electricity and its now pathological lies, to which you add their attempt at make the final consumer as the bad guy.  The last one in my opinion being the worst offense.

When a regime has no qualms in punishing, pillorying a small artisan you know that something is really, really wrong.


  1. Island Canuck12:32 PM

    The latest trick is to hide the rationing under a banner of "maintenance".

    Doesn't matter that it's at 9 PM on a holiday the cuts are due to maintenance.

    Just more horseshit.

  2. Something is really wrong, but the problem lies not in the government hiding the truth but in the people who voluntarily believes whatever crap they trow at them.
    My reddish mom complains every time the electric bill arrives, but she conveniently forgot to criticize the government that punishes her.

    Some O.T. A vertical picture properly oriented?

  3. luis

    no mystery here. back at my home and office computers who have the appropriate programs that allow em to fudge pictures, creating even delicate worn out effects you see on the right so as to belittle the good work of my beloved micomandantepresidente, may the lord have him in high view! but what i can tell you? according to eva i am paid by the US to tarnish the glorious image!!!! except that contrary to her who gets a regular paycheck from the glorious micomandantepresidente i have yet to receive a penny from the US. maybe a problem in the mail? that i do not have legal programs in all of my computers should be proof enough of those delays in the mail....

  4. Island Canuck5:21 PM

    Mail? Venezuela has mail?

  5. And here I thought red was the color of all things good in Venezuela, and only things good. I'm so confused!

    I'm also confused about how the company can "contribute to energy savings" and be a "high energy consumer" at the same time. If you're part of the solution, you must be part of the problem? That's not how the saying goes! But then what can we expect from those who say that Guri less than full is the whole problem, even if a full Guri isn't the solution!

    You used to have to pull quotes from different speeches to find the inconsistencies, but now they're blending together.

  6. 1979 Boat People12:43 AM

    Well, Chavez may adopt GREEN color to be in fashion with the rest of the World for 2012 you know.

  7. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Boat People, green also has some political connotation in our part of the world. When asked in 1959 if he was a communist, Castro answered with the infamous quote “the revolution is even greener than the palm trees”

  8. 1979 Boat People5:26 PM


    Fidel Castro did say that?

    Well, the only thing greener than the palm trees in Cuba under Castro regime is the skin color of the honest hard-working Cuban people who long for this brutal regime to disappear.:)


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