Monday, November 08, 2010

Waldoniel last stage

Before resuming regular Venezuelan coverage I am giving you a last guessing game.  Since some people complained that I was not giving enough "historical" or "sociological" clues, there is a famous monument of the last city in the last country I visited.  That is, not only you need to guess the country and the city, but also the building.  Three prizes!!!!!


  1. Lemmy Caution8:16 AM

    To me it looks like northern spain.

  2. and we have the country. 2 more prizes available!

  3. It should be Madrid, because that is where you change planes (unless you decidsed to explore the country, but I don't think so). The windows blocked with stone should be a give-away. Something obscure happened there, I'm sure. Are Spaniards ashamed of its history? There are no names on the outside. The most important clue is the bald guy being followed by the lady with the umbrella roja rojita. Interesting.

  4. Lemmy Caution11:22 AM

    I guess it must be somewhere in País Vasco. The surfing spot was quite close to the border. I was thinking Guernica, but can't find that church there via google. It must be a smaller city.

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM

    This is without question, the Butte Montana opera house.

    Great music, and beers are half price on Saturday morning.

  6. Drawing from others' comments, it's certainly a church, and I agree that the cement over the windows suggests something like a bomb once upon a time. Despite the fact that Daniel didn't tell Antonio he was right for guessing Madrid, I'm going to go with the San Francisco de Borga church there, the site of the assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco.

  7. It is Madrid and Antonio wins that one. I did more than change planes, I id not know the city and took a couple of days off to visit. I love it!

    Now, there is still one prize left... AIO got closer but still not ....

  8. Steve8:28 AM

    Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales.

  9. And we have a true winner!!!

    Congratulations to Steve! Your prize is to treat me for tapas next time we coincide in Madrid!

  10. For coming close, I'll claim a runner-up prize - next time we're both in Madrid, I'll buy the tapas and you buy the wine.

    Seems like a great trip, and I hope you really enjoyed yourself. I look forward to your next. May your readjustment to Venezuela be less than shocking.


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