Sunday, December 19, 2010

Enabling law in Canada

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  1. AuVienLobo5:59 PM

    Daniel, to sell it, better don´t sell the clincher before, let the readers make up their mind, if I was a biased asshole I could define from your first lines an intention(yours is noble but you are not writing for readers anymore than appreciators), let the bastards come up to their own conclusion; I think you led them a little to much that you scare a lot of pansies especially in canada... more separation from author and more unbridled expression of the obvious, MTV wasn´t born out of ideals, just hash brown words.

  2. AuVienLobo6:01 PM

    What I meant is, sell it as the devils advocate. You gave up your view to the reader, thats a no no, only friends and family should know!

  3. auvienlobo

    the column has been edited. it is not my fault if the editor dislikes chavismo as much as most smart people do.

  4. auvienlobo

    besides, with a link to my blog what can i possibly want to hide?

  5. Very clear and precise description of the present situation in Venezuela.

  6. I tried to leave a comment after duly registering, but got an error message.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PHPMailer in /home/troymedi/public_html/wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php on line 34

    If permitted, I would have requested that they keep the posts coming from Daniel D. as Venezuela's news relevance is increasing as its revolution comes unglued.

  7. Ken Price11:01 PM

    Daniel: Excellent post, especially for those that do not know Venezuela, or what's happening in that country. Problem is that most residents of North America know little or nothing about the politics of Latin America, and only pay attention when a major disaster occurs.

    I have to believe that Chavez and his band of thieves is running out of time. Between the cost of importing food, and the extremely cheap cost of domestic petroleum products plus the declining crude volume, Chavez will be forced to take some very unpopular steps, moves that will put a strain on his government- and may be fatal to his regime, if not to him personally.

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM

    I read with sadness your blog , almost daily. Sad, because I remember , more than 50 years ago , how the incompetent dictatorship established itself between the years '48 and '58 beyond the "Iron curtain". Step by step nationalization of banks, then industry, then big housing complexes, then the smaller ones, then the corner grocery store, then all the services including ice vending machines, private taylors, chefs, restaurants, then nationalize the soul. Venezuela has a litttle more to go. I hope they will not reach the level when they'll import petroleum products from China or others.
    The inflations will be banned (in old soviet union the prices where stamped on goods) but the 5 bolivar bread will turn to 50 g. And the stamped goods just disappeared to be sold in special stores (like foreign pesos in Habana) or under the table. I really appreciate you talents and depth of analysys

  9. Charly1:58 PM

    Daniel, although I viscerally hate all forms of militarism, I traded general Winter for the coupster facist and terrorist Lieutenant Coronel

  10. 1979 Boat People6:58 PM

    Um...last nightI tried to register but could not. Don't know why.


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