Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Chavez tries to stop opponents [Updated]

Since I have been forced to start covering the 2012 election I might as well start informing the Canadian public on how Chavez cheats by barring "dangerous" opponents from running.  As simple as that, "il suffisait d'y penser".  And least any one of you takes this article for an endorsement of Leopoldo, think twice: I will vote for any Venezuelan that I think can remove Chavez from Miraflores, period.  That Leopoldo today is the most promising case, notwithstanding the court case to be decided later this year, is not my fault but the fault of other political parties that seem a little bit lost in MUD lately, if you catch my drift....

By the way, you can get all the details of the case to be presented at the IACHR next march at a new site, expressly set for that: Democracy on Trial (in English and Spanish)

Update: apparently they liked the article at democraciaenjuego.org and posted a translation to Spanish.


  1. Charly12:58 AM

    Daniel, pretty sad case that one. In fact, el supremo should be the first impeached for mixing up the nation's coffers with his own wallet. Meanwhile, congrats for making it all the way up to the Arctic.

  2. Daniel,
    congratiolations and MANY, MANY thanks for publishing your thoughts in Canada. I live in Vancouver, and here we hear pathetically little about what all of you go through on a daily basis. I wish you could write for us Canadian Venezuelans more often. Thank you for everything.
    By the way, we had a mild and snow free winter at the west coast, unlike the rest of Canada that was burried in snow.

    Thank you for all that you do, just keep safe. Thugo is watching.

  3. Hola Daniel, I don't think Leo stands a chance under Chavez. The regime won't enforce the ruling from IACHR, whatever this may be, as it doesn't in other instances. Chavez is pushing Venezuela down the rogues' path.

    As per your Canadian article, the students didn't inflict an electoral defeat to Chavez in the constitutional amendment of 2007, it was Chavez' own derangement.

  4. Good work, Daniel.
    Now, haven't you thought about writing to Le Monde? I mean: those guys don't usually publish readers' articles like that, but perhaps you can try this time. Few French speakers would come up with the kind of information you can offer.

    On another topic, take a look at the latest this very lefty journalist wrote
    Voix du Sud
    Even he...

  5. AB

    Writing for a newspaper I have space constrains that do not allow me to go into the finer requirements of what a student did or did not do. And this even though in my three articles so far they allowed me to go a little bit overboard in number of words...

    However, whatever you may think, if the student movement had not started as a reaction to the closing of RCTV, I doubt very much that the referendum vote down would have taken place. If it is true that the political parties did their job, their inspiration came from that movement.

  6. Even though it is unlikely that Chavez will back down and allow Leopold to run,it is important to focus on his case in the public media because it exposes the fact that Chavez is keeping his strongest rival out of the elections and this goes on record.

    It might also make it less likely that Chavez will eliminate the opposition candidate that will be selected at the up coming primaries although I don't put it beyond him to do so.

    To beat Chavez, the opposition candidate would have to perform a very complicated maneuver.First, convince Chavez that he is not a threat by lagging behind in the polls and then at the last moment make a run for it trying to catch Chavez by surprise.


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