Thursday, March 03, 2011

Anuncio --- Announcement

Puse un  botón en el lado derecho para acceder a los escritos en español, sean traducciones o originales.  Así me evito crear un nuevo blog, cortesía del sistema de etiquetas de Blogger.  No todos los artículos en español han sido etiquetados, pero a cada día su faena. Espero que les guste y les ayude.

I have created a button to access all my articles in Spanish.  Using tag links I do not need to create a new blog for the articles, by clicking on the button you get access to all articles written in Spanish, written originally or translated.  I still have to dig some that are not tagged but to each day it toil.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM


    When you write an article in spanish will you have a button for English?

  2. i cannot incorporate buttons INSIDE the post!!!!

    how do you think i should design my ancient greek button?

  3. glenn1:38 AM

    It doesn't matter how you design the ancient greek button as long as you provide instructions in English. I speak enough Spanish to be dangerous but get lazy in my old age and avoid danger.


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