Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Venezuela on trial in San Jose: guess what the verdict will be?

Today was the second and last day of the hearings on the "inhabilitaciones" in Venezuela.  The case heard at the Inter American Court for Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica, pits down the Venezuelan regime against the Inter American  Comission, representing in a way the hundred of people who have been barred from some of their civil rights through a mere administrative fiat, without even a trial, fair or not.   I will say no more about that since I covered it, limiting myself to indicate a few early reactions from the regime which clearly indicate what they think the verdict will be.

Thus based on the hearing results this past two days, it is quite clear what the verdict is likely to be, will you agree?


  1. I agree. I said something similar a couple of days ago on your last posting about it...

  2. Milonga12:46 PM

    The OAS under Insulza and the UN that has Cuba and had Libia until yesterday in their Human Rights Commission, has absolutely no moral standing. That's a fact. Unfortunately. And yes, your verdict is also unfortunately true. As Alek Boyd twitted today, we live in a fucked up world.

  3. I also said that something like this would happen (I just saw it in the news):

    They are already raising up the arms with the "how dare you" attitude, and they haven't lost yet.


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