Saturday, March 05, 2011

A fully aware Insulza and a totally clueless Sean Penn

Two interesting items to report today.

In an unusual (and probably calculated) show of candor, OAS secretary Insulza said in a New York conference that the situation was difficult in Venezuela, that tensions were high and about to get worse as the 2012 elections come close.  He was promptly criticized by all sorts of chavista going as far as suggesting he retires and make a living with tarot cards.

The thing with that is a clear admission that Insulza has known all along that Chavez was a basket case and that Venezuela was marching straight into major trouble.  And only this year he is finally speaking up. Why?  Is he hearing encouragement to speak up from other OAS countries?   He does not need Chavez anymore?  Interesting......  maybe he has decided that he would not be the OAS secretary that would bury the OAS and he is using his remaining 4 years term to edge it towards a more assertive presence.

But if we get a confirmation that Insulza was never clueless, just a sold out agent when convenient, we are reminded that other people are awfully clueless.  In the middle of the Qaddafi debacle with Chavez and Sean Penn is visiting!  Apparently he is worried about what is going on (no details on the what).  In his own idiotic way Sean Penn is pulling his international version of Charly Sheen, but without the panache or the humor......

PS: El Universal reminds us that Sean Penn asked for jail for whomever called Chavez a dictator.  I think that since the legislative coup of last November December he has his work cut out!  Maybe as the star of "Dead Man Walking" he has ideas on how to build jail for the thousands of people that call Chavez a dictator?


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Insulza doesn't get another bite of the apple this being his last term.

    So nothing to lose now, he can afford to begin to lay ground for his "legacy".

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Maybe Inzulsa sees the writing on the wall and is therefore turning away from the falling dictators of late, as he does have future ambitions and the future is including less and less dictators. Sean Penn.....Sean Pendejo. Nuf said.

  3. Boludo Tejano3:56 PM

    I had always seen Insulza’s actions toward Thugo and Honduras not as the actions of a sellout, but of a hard-core Allendista simply following his natural inclinations. Guess not.
    Recall that President Piñera, from the center-right, supported Insulza for another term at OAS. I wonder if there was some sort of deal made between the two.

  4. Milonga4:19 PM Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn are together!! These "couple of things" they're doing probably means they god there just in time for Lina Ron's burial service!


    Lina Ron is dead.


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