Tuesday, June 07, 2011

In Venezuela, many of us don't buy the new and improved Humala

That "alien" cartoon of Weil today says it all.  Even the editorial of Petkoff limits itself at wondering whether Ollanta Humala will chose the Lula line of send Peru into chaos, Chavez style.  Which is an elegant admission by Petkoff about his serious doubts about Ollanta Humala, doubts that were certainly discarded way too fast by Vargas Llosa.

For Peruvian friends new to this blog and Weil, the cartoonist represents Chavez as a military boot talking.


  1. This guy has many strong resemblences to Chavez, including his military background and his lack of education. He even looks somewhat like him. It would be surprising to me if he did not end up following a similar path, and most of his pre-election promises proving to be lies.

  2. Glenn7:18 PM

    Without a doubt he and Chavez are joined at the hip. He will follow the Castro come Chavez play book at start dicking with the constitution immediately. In will pursue complete control of all institutions with the only goal of staying in power forever. My heart goes out to the Peruvian citizens.

  3. Sweet jeeebus that's gross cartoon. Effective but gross.

    How do you say "Nuke it from Space" in Spanish?



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