Friday, July 15, 2011

Cronicas Beatas (Chavez is a born again Catholic)

Do not miss Bruni's post over Chavez going from Catholic Church excoriator in chief to what we call in french "grenouille de benitier" (baptismal font frog).  What a difference a well placed cancer makes...  And if you do not speak Spanish you can use google translator, and regardless of google, comparing the videos of Chavez taking communion or cursing the church is self explanatory...


  1. Charly6:50 AM

    Look like the Libertador bones' soup didn't do much good.

  2. Oh Charly, I guess you're right... they did something really fishy with those bones!

    OTOH, I won't believe he's sick till I see REAL evidence. LOL.

  3. RabbiBulla2:11 PM

    And, everyone forgets about what Chavez said about Israel. Everyone forgets about Chavez dealings with the Communists.Everyone forgets about Chavez connections with Islamic terrorists.
    Today I talked with some young relatives on vacation- they grew up under Chavez-they were explaining about every detail of his illness-not one bad word- I chided them a bit-but no response-. No clue.

  4. He's cramming for his final.


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