Friday, October 21, 2011

The anti Lopez campaign in state media (or think about that as Globovision is threatened with closing)

In a fit of duty I do visit on occasion the very uninformative pages of the Chavez media.  That is, the state media that is paid a tax payer expense to promote only the point of view of the state, that is Chavez and his personality cult.  But one needs to look at those pages on occasion because one needs to be reminded regularly on how the sick mind of these people work.  My objective was to find a good example on how Chavez defended today Qaddafi (some people never learn).  But I found better, a note from the National Radio of Venezuela (our BBC if you will) with this outrageous attack on Leopoldo Lopez, as far from any journalistic ethos as you may ever find in the genre.  In fact it is so bad, such a hack job in an official site that I felt compelled to take a screen shot to save it in case someone realizes what a disgrace that is and erase it..

Click to enlarge and enjoy the full effect
I have circled in red (of course) the choice items described below:

  • RNV assumes proudly its association with the government of the country (top left).  There goes any pretense at objective journalism
  • Not to mention that they claim to use truth as a shield
  • Then Leopoldo is called a corrupt supported by the Empire.  Beyond the cliche it is noteworthy to remind readers that there is no trial against Lopez for pocketing personally any money (although finally the republic prosecutor has claimed this week that there was an investigation going on even though the Lopez people never heard of it)
  • On the right column you may read some of the other titles of the day such an offering of a video on the birth of the media latufundia, whatever that may mean (Murdoch, here we come); something about the "ultra right" in Mexico, whatever that may mean also; and journalists supporting that other journalists lose their jobs (Globovision), so much for the solidarity
  • The body of the article, if one can call that an article, has all sorts of cliches and reminiscences of things past, while oblivious whether these "accusations" could not apply to Chavez himself.  In short Leopoldo is an ultra right politician (apparently in Venezuela there is only Chavez and the ultra right, whatever that means again); he is protected by international organizations (which one day chavista may want to protection from once they are on the run); he is not a democrat because he was involved in the 2002 coup (chavistas having decided once and for all that 1992 was not a coup, just a popular movement led exclusively and secretly by a faction of the army); and of course Leopoldo is a manipulator (because Chavez is not one, and certainly not today at La Grita praying and thanking the Christ for his recovery). PS: the picture is of Leopoldo fleeing tear gas of the regime in 2002, not charging the cops.
  • For good effect notice the last paragraph in bold characters as if RNV were not any better than a blog (even Aporrea is moderate in its use of bold letters).
Now, I am not trying to defend Leopoldo Lopez here, at all,  he does not need me.  Such garbage has long ago stopped being effective, and today it only serves to stimulate, if they bother reading it, the radical fringe of chavismo.

My point in this analysis is in view of the recent real threats in closing Globovision through bankruptcy.  The regime wants to close Globovision and any independent media because they want you to read and listen exclusively to a garbage that makes the Cuban one look better becasue they have learned to write the stuff with a vague patina of credibility.

Think that about 20% of Venezuelans today get on the radio ONLY state media and probably 50% do not get on the radio anything that may be significantly critical of the regime, only chavista rantings or music.  That is the kind of crap they get everyday, uninformative, vengeful, calumniating, and all at tax payer expense.

And also think if RNV is like that at one year of the general election, what can we expect in a few months .....


  1. 1979 Boat People2:05 AM

    After Thugo gone, Venezuela must have CULT DEPROGRAMMING cadenas.:)

  2. You know...I used to read Pravda and Izvestija in the late eighties because back then those were some of the few sources, apart from books, for Russian in Venezuela.
    I still remember the pathetic style, the propaganda in anything, even recipes. They are a model for professionalism and objectivity compared to Chávez state media. Really: ABV, VTV and all that Chavista crap is a very bad joke.
    They are a caricature of themselves. Woody Allen's Bananas is nothing compared to Venezuela today.
    I actually use Chavez media as the best way to prove how much the milicos despise democracy and real debate.

  3. Island Canuck8:07 AM

    You know at some point LL needs to sue one of these papers, websites or TV stations for defamation of character & get them to prove he is corrupt.

    Probably not the right term in Venezuela however there must be some recourse legally.

  4. Island

    Sure, ASAP. He just needs to know to which court of justice he needs to address his claims....

  5. "I am not sure I am suffering from too much brutal reality or too many disgusting lies."

    "I am suffering because too many disgusting lies is the new brutal reality"


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