Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another friend of Chavez in trouble

Welcome to La Paz!
Finally the march of the natives from the Amazon protesting capitalists roads across their land has reached La Paz and the alleged bastion of Evo Morales gave them a hero's welcome.  Poor Evo, he cannot increase the price of gas, he cannot have his judges ratified as he wishes and now his base, the native people of Boliva are abandoning him.  I wonder what curse he suffers from.....


  1. 1979 Boat People4:18 PM

    Chewing too much coca leaves.

  2. Boludo Tejano5:29 PM

    I wonder what curse he suffers from..

    It could be termed the "heist on his own petard," or the “what goes around comes around” curse. Bolivia has long had an unruly, anarchic side. When the government doesn’t do what you like, the response is often anarchic. Some tactics used include roadblocks and throwing sticks of dynamite- very common in the altiplano, due to all the mining done there.

    When Evo was in opposition to the government, he followed in the Bolivian tradition by deploying roadblocks and such in opposition to government policies. In fact, Evo’s supporters have used roadblocks against Santa Cruz, with at least the tacit consent of Evo, when Evo was President . As there are rarely alternate routes, roadblocks stop all traffic on either side of the roadblock. Roadblocks in Bolivia could be termed the equivalent of laying siege. A roadblock is not a tactic representative of a democracy.

    Evo used an underhanded tactic during the constitutional convention. A two thirds majority was needed to approve. He moved the meetings and locked out the opposition to get the two thirds majority.

    Granted, Evo was by no means the first in Bolivia to use such tactics. Now such tactics are being used against Evo. Poetic justice.

  3. Glenn6:11 PM

    Evo made the mistake of riding on the coat tails of Chavez in the first place. Bolivia will not be a colony to anyone. People are not stupid EVERYWHERE, a different discussion from education. I would not be surprised they see the financier about to croak, the revolution coming apart, the prez is a fool......

  4. uhh, you raise a great point Glenn, the difference between stupidity and education? Or, perhaps, the occasional lack of innate, raw intellect vs. naive ignorance?

    Could it be that there is a correlation between the 2? (although I do agree the difference must be made). IOW, if the human brain isn't exercised, and somehow trained how to think and perform better, through hard work and education - how else - then the guy born with a smart brain would still be "stupid" by most standards, wouldn't he? Let's not go into the meaning of intelligence, no one has been able to figure that out since the word was invented.

    At any rate, Evo is both highly uneducated and extremely stupid. He's got it all, so he deserves as many coca leaves as he can chew.

  5. RabbiBulla11:44 PM

    "We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure."
    Hernando Cortez


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