Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When FTA hurt you smack in your plexus

If you have any doubt that Colombia's perseverance in finally getting its FTA with the US you just need to read some of the words of a delirious Fidel today, quoted here in AFP.
"Veo con claridad, Hugo -le dije- que la Revolución Bolivariana en brevísimo tiempo puede crear empleo, no solo para los venezolanos sino también para sus hermanos colombianos, un pueblo laborioso, que junto a ustedes luchó por la independencia de América, un 40% del cual vive en la pobreza y una parte importante en estado de pobreza crítica"
I see with clarity, Hugo -I told him- that the Bolivarian Revolution in the briefest of time can create jobs, not only for Venezuelans but also for their Colombian brothers, a hard working people, who together with you fought for the independence of America, a 40%  that still live in poverty and a big chunk in critical poverty.
Let's not get carried away by comments on the obvious such as the bolibanana revolution sinking fast to the point of employment beating insecurity as the concern of Venezuelan people.  No, what is interesting here is Fidel trying to revive the troubles between Colombia and Venezuela (via FARC?), Fidel upset at the FTA and pressing for the reunification of Colombia and Venezuela presumably under the leadership of a mummified Chavez...

I am sure that the Casa de Nariño wince was actually audible....


  1. Actually, I think they laughed their asses off.

  2. RabbiBulla10:10 AM

    Castro desperately trying to hang on to the image of credibility using his only weapon-his tongue for propaganda posing with his star student, Hugoito. Where's the photo?
    Shamelessly,Castro-talks about the poor-in other countries. Hello,
    talk about being out of touch with reality..

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Porque será que este cubano no se calla, tiene engañado a todos los cubanos y parte de los venezolanos, y para colmo le lava el cerebro al mandamás criollo.
    La Maga Lee


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