Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When atheists pray

Oh dear....  We learned that Chavez is coming back from Cuba tomorrow after a check up of sorts.  If it were not bad enough that once again we are told that Venezuelan doctors are not good enough for Chavez and that he alone benefits from free care in Cuba at our tax payer expenses, including flights and feed of his numerous suite, he let us know that he is going to a local sanctuary for prayers and to "pagar una promesa" pay a promise.  This is more interesting than what you may think at first glance.

- First, today was a swirl of news, going as far as saying that the guy has a metastasis in his liver and that he is toast.  Whether this is true is still as irrelevant as it used to be, except that now we may be about to be officially revealed succession plans.  Big announcements are promised this week upon Chavez return, maybe starting at him praying in front of El Santo Cristo de La Grita (the Holy Christ of La Grita).

- The political interest comes that it is in Tachira, the state that chavismo lost heavily after an initial hold, the state that maybe Chaevz is making a point of honor to recover before he croaks.  Maybe they think that a little bit of crucifix holding could do the trick now that the local governor was distracted from the state affairs because of his silly personal ambitions.  Prayers to recover Tachira, I have seen it all.  And people are asked to come from all over to pray with Chavez.

- But there is more political interest here.  Some of the most "atheist voices" of chavismo are the ones announcing this visit of Chavez to the sanctuary where he promised to come back if he were doing better (is he?).  First, we read a loving note to that effect in AVN who more than once has "bouffé du curé" (feasted on priests, sounds much better in French).  Even the most atheistic Cubans at Prensa Latina pick up the prayer ritual.  And to crown this all it is none else but Rafael Ramirez of the "rojo, rojito" infamous fame that let's us know.  I mean, the guy is as heathen as they come!

The degree of hypocrisy the regime is reaching makes it harder and harder to follow........  One thing is certain, one prayers is all that is left for a regime, you know that things are circling down the drain.


  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    If it were not bad enough that once again we are told that Venezuelan doctors are not good enough for Chavez and that he alone benefits from free care in Cuba at our tax payer movers in chandigarh

  2. Anonymous4:01 AM

    kavin hill, that's an interesting advertising robot. It picks up on the second sentence of the blog to create a comment directing you to and advertising site... in India? How did it get past the security word? I'd like to know how he does it.

    After an evangelical-type prayer session in the US, I guess Chavez needed to show some sympathy for the culture and traditions of the gocho voters. The cellophane is to kiss the cross without passing on any nasty bugs: very considerate of him.


  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    But.....he has hair! Was he paranoid about bugs before his cancer?


  4. Also, he will pray for the soul of his beloved friend Gadaffi, killed today in Sirte.

  5. RabbiBulla10:18 AM

    Yes, the suspense has been building-I am expecting "something" this week, too.(I did not want to appear to be a soothsayer-but Chavez sort of hinted this..)Two ideas-I have been thinking for a while- a. maybe Cuba (and Chavez) wants a coup-so they can rush in and use military, etc.b.Chavez is thinking about making a Prime Minister spot and placing his brother, Adan-in it. Ok-fire at will..

  6. Anonymous10:50 AM


    The Cubans wouldn't want a coup because they know the Venezuelan military are not trustworthy. Who knows what they will do! The Cubans can't do it themselves, poor idiots.

    A prime minister? That would be admitting defeat and would trigger the succession bloodbath, with his brother the first casualty.

    Consider the obvious: the guy knows he is dying and is panicking. Anything will do: a Cuban babalao, the Christ of La Grita, Maria Lionza, anything. He is afraid of the afterlife. And he won't be in the first circle (traitors go to the center).


  7. It's nothing new. Dictators, self-anointed or all sorts of "Kings" "Queens" and rulers, monarchs and what have you throughout history, going back to the most remote African tribes at the dawn of man:

    Using religion to grab and maintain power. Just about every war in history.. common denominator, worldwide? Religion, either as an excuse or the main cause, as we see today with the Middle East.

    Way before the Egyptians and Ramses or Cleopatra, who tried so hard to deceive their people that they were chosen by God himself.. The indian Shamans in America, claiming to have devine powers to justify power and warfare. Or "Le RoiSoleil", notre cher Louis XIV, et tous les autres avant et apres.

    Even these days, in somewhat secular countries in the Americas or Europe, supposed to be advanced, modern, educated, even agnostic or atheist, or at least more skeptical and pragmatic: Religion is still used as an intimidating factor, to justify political actions, to gain and keep power. When in reality, just like when Spain conquered and butchered the Americas in the name of Jesus and such, killing the Indians because they had different Gods, when in fact all they REALLY wanted was GOLD and personal profit, plus the countless raped girls and forced sex, after the murders, in the name of religion, of course.

    Even clowns like Bush use religion to justify their actions. And of course, thugs like Chavez, who uses it all the time. Oh my Jesusito!!

    Now let's see who is the new, true son of God in places like Lybia..

  8. "Coge la cruz de palma real sin vacilar,
    ponte a rezar, agarra bien
    un puño e' sal, también agua bendita
    Y no te pongas a temblar, a lloriquear sin
    más que hacer porque el placer del
    diablo es asustar y hacerte correr"

  9. Mike

    I suppose this picture was taken when he went to La Grita to make " a promise".

    Now, isn't anyone here that can explain the cellophane on the sacred cross? Am I the only one shocked by it?

  10. the cellophane on the sacred cross?

    Maybe they thought it was cruel to nail him on it so they taped him on :)

  11. Did he go to CAP's land seeking forgiveness?

  12. Glenn6:08 PM

    Obviously that's an outdated photo. He is on his way out. The recovery for Venezuela will be long. The fall of Cuba will be short.

  13. Anonymous2:29 PM

    ¿Que le pasa a mi comandante? será que los babalaos no hicieron buen trabajo y se agarra de donde puede. Que miedo debe sentir!
    La Maga Lee


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